Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cardigan Onesie

So I've been able to complete my first sewing project since Baby B came along!

Granted it wasn't a whole lot of sewing and it only took me an hour ... But it's still blog worthy! 

We made the ever-so-popular Onesie Cardigan!

We bought this onesie at Once Upon A Child, a local children's consignment shop for 2$. 

This one has a fixed neck opening with side snaps on the left shoulder.

Step 1: remove neck band (this was a tad tricky at the snaps but we managed) 

Step 2: Cut down the center - when you are nearing the snaps veer off to one side  and cut between two snaps 

Step 3: at the armpit level, mark a line starting at the center cut and up to each shoulder 

Step 4: cut out these two triangles 

Step 5: line with bias tape and pin in place (packaged or homemade - I had a package of green bias tape that needed to be used and loved the color contrast)
 (I folded and pinned under the start of the tape and left the tail unpinned and unfolded just in case - as you near the tail, measure fold and pin then sew)

Step 6: Sew through bias tape - be sure to sandwich the onesie with the tape and sew through all 3 layers! 

Step 7: pick out cute buttons and sew on  - I sewed through both layers of the onesie so they aren't working buttons.  If you wanted working buttons, you'll have to make holes ... :/ 

And viola!  A cardigan onesie! 
Bridger is sleeping so I can't try it on him ... But he will be wearing it next week so keep your eye out for pictures :) 

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