Saturday, October 11, 2014

15 Weeks Old

Hey blue eyes!

You are just the funnest little man! 
I find so much joy just watching you play with your toys - you smile and talk to yourself... How did you get so grown up?

One new found friend this week is your yellow lovey giraffe, and we have lovingly named him jojo.
You love to squeeze him and bite his head - and he doesn't mind it one bit!

You love to watch us eat - which is scary for mom as it means you might be ready to try solid foods soon! 
You always grab for our bananas! I'm not sure if it's the yellow color, the smell or baby's intuition ... But you know they are something you like! 
We let you have a little taste and you sucked on that banana until it was nice and slobbery! 

This week you went on your first hunt!
Our buck hunt continued, and boy oh boy we got one buddy!
Mom, dad and Kerry went out hunting on Queens Crown in Carey.
Mom and Kerry were hunting while dad was carrying you.
We hiked and hiked and hiked and never really saw anything worth shooting - just some smaller young bucks.
Since dad was carrying you for about 5 hours, I told him I would carry you down to the truck as we were headed out.
And you know what?  On our hike out we ran into a buck!
This guy was coming up the draw right towards us!  
Momma was so shocked to see him, she barely had enough time to unbuckle the carrier, set you down on the dirt (sorry) and shoot him! 
You had your earmuffs on and didn't hear a thing. Although you did cry - you were pretty upset at being left on the ground! (Sorry again, but i was right next to you and picked you up right after!)
So we called dad, he hiked on over to us and found our deer!
We were even more lucky in that I shot him not 50 yards from a blm road! 
So we were able to drive up close to him and load him on the truck.  Dad did all the work tho... Drug him to the road, loaded him, gutted him at home, skinned and cleaned him! 
Since you love to be outside, I'm pretty sure you enjoyed the hunt! 

This week you also went on a horse ride with momma!
She was trying to help dad move some cows and went along for the ride. 
Momma can't ride too hard with you attached to her, so she wasn't much help.. But it was very nice to be horseback with the best little buddy! You slept most the time, so I don't think you minded it much either! 
You are still a bit little to be able to see out of your carrier, so I'm sure as you get bigger you'll enjoy things more as you'll be able to look around more easily. 

We went to town again this week and you were the pumpkin king.

We took the rest of the week easy as we had done so much in the beginning of the week!
We spent a lot of time playing with our playmat and exersaucer. 

You're still loving bath time - and momma and dad sure do enjoy your shrills and giggles that accompany splash time! 

You are getting bigger and bigger, and I just don't know if I can stand how cute you are. 
I love you to pieces!

Love you always little man!

14 Weeks Old

Hey lil nugget, 

We started off this week lovin on some pooches.
You really like how fluffy and soft the doggies are and want to eat them.
And they seem to like you too... But thankfully they aren't hungry like you! 

This week you had a real adventure!
You went to Yellowstone for the first time!
We woke up before the sun and headed out to the park.
Dad and I watched the sunrise while you slept in the backseat. 
We got to Riverside campground right as you were waking up.
Grandpa Garth loved this place and we wanted to visit it for him. 
We even left a little of him behind. 
On our way out of the campground we saw a cow moose!

When we got to Yellowstone we headed up to Mammoth.
You enjoyed walking around and looking at all the wonderful creations God has given us. 
We saw elk, buffalo, deer, eagles, pine trees, water falls, canyons.... 
We love how you enjoy spending time outside!

We helped dad fence this week.  It was time to move heifers to another field and we had some holes to fix. 

Hunting season opened this week, so before we went out lookin for bucks we sighted in our rifles. 
We were pretty on target, so we were excited to hunt! 

The day before the season opened dad asked us if we wanted to go scout for bucks!
Of course we did!
So up into the mountains behind our house we went!
We actually didn't see not ONE deer... But it was a beautiful drive!
Mom had some doubts whether we were going to make it out at all, let alone before dark!!!
But dad twisted and turned on those hairy scary roads and we made it out :)

So the day that buck season opened momma left you for the first time in the care of someone besides your daddy!
You stayed with our friend Kerry while mom went hunting with Trevor and Trey.
Trey got his first buck! 
Mom didn't see anything to shoot, but enjoyed a good hike. 
I was gone for about 5 hours!  And I couldn't wait to get back to you!
You aren't taking a bottle yet, so it was a little tough on you... But Kerry did feed you 4 oz through a medicine dropper!  So I know you didn't starve... But you were very happy to see momma, and momma was so happy to see you too! 

You are wanting to play more and more which is really fun for momma and dad!
We enjoy watching you reach for things and learn and explore! 

Keep being your sweet sweet self little boy!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bridger - 3 Months Old

Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz (2 month weight : 12 lbs 6 oz)
Height: 25 inches (2 month height : 23.5 in)
Head: 16 inches (2 month head circumference : 15.5 in)

Eat: Bridger is still exclusively breastfeeding.  He is starting to get a few baby rolls here and there but it's almost as if they are here one day and gone the next!  He grows so quickly and his weight just redistributes. 
His legs are filling out and he looks like he has turkey legs now instead of chicken legs :)
He still nurses about every 3 hours during the day and after he goes to bed he eats about twice, which means he eats a total of 8 times a day.
He doesn't grunt as much as he used to when he eats, but he still slurps a bit - thank goodness as it's so cute. 

Sleep: Bridger is still consistently taking at least 2 naps a day, sometimes 3. 
He has started waking up later, usually about 7am (thank goodness as 5am is early!).  He will usually nap from 9-11 then be up until 2, sleep until 4, be up until about 5 and take one shorter nap to be up around 6.  
We are still following his nighttime routine, and he still seems to like it.  
Bathtime is around 8 - which he loves!  Then it's jammies, a dream feed and a few books read by dad.
Lately he has gone to bed a bit awake but sleepy, and he will cry for about 5 minutes before zonking out. 
He is asleep between 9-10 and still doesn't wake up until about 1 or 2am. 
First sleep feed is around 2am, then another around 4am.
I think his sleep is pretty good for just being 3mo old - I know some mommas have babies already sleeping through the night at this point... But he is my baby and he sleeps just right for him. 

Favorites: Bridger still loves nursing, kisses, being outside and conversations with his momma in the morning and with his daddy at nighttime. He still loves telling stories! He is also still enjoying his strolls, his moby, bath time and his play mat.  Some of his new favorites this month are grabbing for his toys, splashing in the bathtub, looking in the mirror and standing up. He still loves to sit or stand up so that he can look around at everything!  He is still a morning person and is most happy when the sun is still low :) His favorite toy is still his little Sophie or perhaps his ball that hangs from his play mat.  He also really enjoys his hands, or your hands for that matter.  He slobbers and gnaws all over them!  His favorite blankets are the soft cozy ones - he likes feeling them on his face and of course, chewing on them. He started liking his car seat a bit more and will even ride in it without crying! This month he is also enjoying tummy time as long as he is propped up in the front - he will even do push ups at times. :) my strong boy. 

Dislikes: Bridger still doesn't like sitting in a wet or dirty diaper nor does he like getting clothes on or off.  This month he started getting better at afterbath times but still cries now and then.  He also does not like waking up alone- if I'm in bed with him he wakes up happy and smiley and gently.  If I'm not next to him and he wakes up alone he screams and cries as soon as he wakes. And of course, he still doesn't like being in his car seat if it is sitting still.  

September 6 - first bath in his bath tub
September 8 - first time grabbing and chewing on a toy
September 11 - first time standing up (while holding onto us)
September 21 - first time shooting with momma and dad
September 26 - first REAL belly laugh and giggle
September 27 - first time looking at a book while dad read to you

Little Boy,
You are so wonderful, simply my most favorite little person!
You are starting to get more blonde peach fuzz on your sweet little bald head!
Lately when you smile you bring your hands up to your face and sort of shy away - it is so sweet!
Your smiles and dimples and grins and giggles are irresistible.  I can't help but smile and laugh when I'm around you. 
Your laugh is infectious - ah just so stinking cute!
You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but anything labeled 3 months is too small. How are you so big?!
You love being with your mom and dad - sitting in our laps, cuddling, laying in our arms - you love it all.
You still make the greatest coos - sometimes you have the most in depth conversations with us, or with your lovies or with your self :)  
You love watching your dogs run around - I wonder if they talk to you as you always have the biggest smile on your face when you're watching them.  You giggle and grin... What do they say to you baby?
My days are filled with an immeasurable amount of happiness being able to spend them with you.
You are the quite the love bug - we are so blessed to be able to call you our little boy.
Love you always Bridger.
- Momma