Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Love

Mother's Day - a day to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and all the wonderful women in our lives.  

So, today, a simple post about the women in my life. 

My momma, Jody.
My mom, rest her sweet soul, was more a friend than a mother.
Never do I remember her disciplining me.
Never do I remember her really even arguing with me.
She was the mom that took us shopping, took us out to lunch, took us to the fair.
She did all the fun things with us.
She definitely taught me how fun motherhood can be.
She taught me that it's ok to mess up - that no one is perfect.
I hope I can be the friend to my baby that my mother was to me.
Miss you momma!

Me and my momma 

Mom and I 

My momma, Lisa.
Lisa adopted me in March of 2011, just one short month after I met her son.
She welcomed me into her home, but more importantly into her heart.
She treats me like I'm one of the family.
She is always there if i need someone to talk to.
She is always there to lend a hand and help, even if she is 1,000 miles away.
She forgives and forgets, truly forgets - something most people cannot do.
She raised a wonderful son and a wonderful daughter.
I'm very proud to be able to call her mom and to give her a grandbaby.

Miss Amanda, me, and Lisa.

Lisa and I.

Matt and Lisa 

Matt and Lisa 

My Nina.
My mom's mom.
She has always been Nina, never grandma, never Jean.
Nina is the most loving person I know.
She is so selfless.
She will always put others before her.
She is a wise woman - her advice is always welcomed.
She has the most wonderful stories.
She has a great sense of humor.
She has filled the shoes that my mother left empty.
 My childhood is filled with lovely memories of her.
I hope to be half the woman that she is.

Nina, Matt and I

Me and Nina 

Matt and Nina 

Papa, me, Britt and Nina 

My sister, Brittney. 
Brittney and I are close in age, only 19 months apart. 
We were best of friends growing up.
I'm pretty sure we were attached at the hip.
I know we must have fought, but I don't remember that... I only remember her always being there, always being by my side.
Now that we are older, life has somewhat separated us.
However - when we are together, it is as if we were never apart.
We giggle together like little girls, We cry together about all of life's bumps.
We might be far apart, and we might not keep in touch the best that we can, but even still we know that we are always there for one another.

Two squirrels....

My sister Brittney and I

Britt and I

Britt and I 

My sister, Amanda.
Like Lisa, Amanda adopted me as part of the family - She always invited and included me as her friend. 
She wears her heart on her sleeve, and is not afraid to tell it like it is - which I respect.
She has a huge heart and is willing to give it all for someone she loves.
She is so fun to be around, always joking and laughing - like her brother. 
I look forward being her sister for many more years to come. 

Amanda and I 

Amanda and Matt 

Me and manda 

Amanda and Lisa 

My surrogate mother, Valerie.
I met Valerie some years ago.
She had that motherly love, and it drew me in.
She was there to listen to me and to help me when I didn't have a mother in my life.
We even talked about my mother, and she said that my mother sounded like a wonderful woman and that she was lucky to have me as a daughter.
Unbeknownst to us both, she actually knew my mother.
It wasn't until she saw a picture of my mother quite some time after we met that she realized she knew my mother - she was actually friends with her.
That was a pretty special moment - fate was totally at hand.
Valerie even reminds me of my mother - a cute, petite little lady full of energy, always dressed to impress, and always wearing a huge smile. 
Our busy lives don't leave a lot of time for lengthy conversations - but they aren't needed.
I know she loves me just as she knows I love her. 
I am blessed that she came into my life. 

The lovely Valerie and I

My grandma, Marcia.
Marcia also invited me into her life with open arms.
She is a very sweet, caring woman.
She is always so excited to see us.
She is genuine.
She loves The Lord.
She is always thoughtful, always thinking of others.
Matt and I are truly blessed to know this great woman.

My grandma, Evie.
Evie is full of life and has a smile that could light up any room.
She is very brave and strong - she raised 5 children by herself. 
She is a person filled with joy, and always helps bring joy to others.
She is a very talented artist and shares this passion with all of her grand kids.
She is truly a marvelous woman.

Grandma Evie, Grandma Marcia and Momma Lisa.

Each of these 8 women have touched my life more than they know.
They help me every day.
They make me feel special and loved.
They show me what motherhood is, what womanhood is.
Each one of them have helped me into the woman I am today, and will continue to shape and mold me into the woman I want to become.
I love them all and I do not know where I would be without them.

Happy Mother's Day - you are so loved.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

What's in My Photos #2

So when I started blogging a while ago, I decided I would do a regular post titled "what's in my photos?".  A nice, easy, and fun post to keep you all visually updated on the Ingram incidences. 
However... Back when this idea came to me, I did not have my beloved iPhone.... I had a dopey phone or a "notsosmart" phone... Which made uploading pictures a terrible headache....
Thus my regular "what's in my photos" post was actually a one time post....

But now I vow to change that...
I am here to provide you with the second "what's in my photos?" post, the beginning of a regular photo update! 

So, this will be a photo dump of sorts...As I have many pictures to share with you since my first photo update. 
Some of them are from my old phone and are as old as 2010!
(When I got the iPhone, I texted all the keeper pictures to my new number)
Most are from February up until today!
(Btw... Cannot say enough about the camera on these iPhones.  I broke down and became a smart phone user so that I could take pics of baby peaches when he/she comes, and I think it was the best thing I could do for baby peaches grandma, grandpa, aunties, and all other adoring followers, as this will make it much easier to upload and send out pictures of this soon to be cutie!)

And now, onto the photo dump!

the flowers matt sent to my work on 2/14/2011 - the day after our first date.  
a cholame rattlesnake kill
Matt texted this pic to me back when we were first dating - spring flowers in Parkfield
This kitty is Dutchess - she had to have lived to be 14 or 15 years old at least.  She stayed behind at our childhood home after we sold it, and our neighbors took care of her.  A sweet little soul.
obviously an older one - as im sans baby bump - but a good one none the less! My sister Britt and i before hot tubbing 
Matt sent this picture to me way back when we were dating.  It was so exciting to get this picture from him... and it still is a highlight of my day when he texts me pictures. 
(if you look close, you can see May through the back window)
Matt, Me and Amanda in tahoe for the big day!
Matt and i the night before our wedding!
A boar we got with some clients back in Cholame - if you want to hunt a pig like this, make sure to call Clayton at Bitterwater Outfitters!
Me and matts old friend Ace.
Chloe and her calf friend - she thought these were her babies, and would let them suck on her ears :)
The Ingram Creek "billboard" off Hwy 5.  We havent eaten there, but i did buy their honey and its yummy!
Our first Christmas together, 2011
A Picabo Sunrise
Mr Picasso after his hip surgery - he is now fully recovered and youd never know he had surgery!
Our muleys from last year - such a great hunt!
These Kelpies can smell the rabbit in this wood pile... if only they could get to it!
Picabo - the place we call home
Matt and his May dog - the day she had her girly surgery. 
The Yogi hit a milestone!  Heres to another 88,888 more!
Winter feeding... and some frosty cows!
these soon to be mommas were hungry!  i would be too with all that snow and not a blade of grass to munch on!
Matt loaded the hay buster while i made this guy!
Matts pheasant friends - they would greet us every morning in the winter!
Me and Spur dog!
Lindsay had this great idea to take all these extra newspapers home for fire starting... however, she then left said newspapers next to the walkway to the house during a windstorm... the said newspapers then ended up all over the ranch.... at least i had Matt to help me pick them up!!! 
He didnt have this smile during the pick up, but at least it came afterward :)
My first spring flower! Daffodils always remind me of Alice and Wonderland.
Baby profile - Head in the bottom left, then shoulder/chest with a hand in the middle of the screen!
A baby leg (toes on the left, knee pointing down, then thigh and body)- and its pretty much the cutest baby leg ive ever seen :) 
Baby Peaches @ 21 weeks!
Proof that i do have feet... even if i cant see them now...
Miss Dee on our way to Boise to fix this....
Her broken femur...
Then on our way back to Picabo from boise - she is all healed up now and youd never know she had a hurt leg... minus the crazy haircut!
When cowdogs are laid up after surgery, they watch other cowdogs on youtube...
The princesses of the house - Dee and Chloe - kisses
What... your dog doesnt sleep upside down??
This Dee dog sure longed to run outside - she would spend much of her day staring out the window.
Miss dee made her own set of "house rules" when she became an inside dog for 6 weeks - one being "i sit anywhere i please"
the pup who thought this box filled with costco groceries was the perfect place for her and her bones.  Too cute if i do say so myself.
apparently chloe felt a little left out when deebers was in the house... so she decided to steal her bed...
perfectly normal... i mean, i would choose a jail cell over a couch.... heck no, she is crazy!
3 eggs...4 yolks... can chickens have live twins or only twin scrambled eggs??

gathering the heifers before calving started. Keep them doggies rollin!
Lisa, my 65 T-5, freshly bathed... i need new tires, then i can take her for a spin!
Matt, Trevor and Micah heading out to gather the pairs before branding.
While i was outside in the yard, Chloe was inside doing this...
Britt and Miss Bree came to visit for my baby shower - and i brought out the pound puppies to play with.. remember those!?
Dee in the alfalfa field - cool as a cucumber just watching all the other dogs run around
She would rather head them off then play with them.
She is a great little cow dog!
Matt and Sisterpie
Sister Pants and I (excuse the awkward squat.. this belly gets in the way of most normal behaviors now...)
Matt and Oakey getting their roping on
the boxer and the baby bump
this baby is a-growin!
Colonel Kip, more affectionately known as Tic, and Mr Matt
The happy couple (+1) - soon when we go out to mexican food itll be a table for 3!!!
The wonderful baby towel/apron that my sister Amanda made for us!!!
Cant wait to bathe baby peaches with this beauty!!!!
(and yes, thats wedding singer in the background!)
My friend Tasha and her brand spankin new baby girl Vivienne!
Its hard work bring a cowdog pup!

Some babies out in the fields!
i come out of the dressing room to find this....
thankfully, he bought this hat instead!
Matt and I on New Years Eve at Robin and Genes wedding! What a fun night!

we had some trees cut down... unfortunately thats all the tree guys did.. then matt had to clean up the rest!  Thank goodness he had some helping hands to do so, and now we have more firewood for chilly, wet days like today!  And chloe has her yard back...
Cinnamon Biscuits... sooo yummy, and so easy!
Our friend Mike told us a story about an indian he knows named Falling Rock - this Falling Rock is EVERYWHERE!  He has been spotted off of almost every highway from here to CA!  Matt and i were warned of his cousin, Rock, on our way up to Galena pass.  Have you seen Rock or Falling Rock?? Beware... they are some crazy potlickin indians as matt would say....
the most handsome man ive ever known!
Me and the babe up on galena pass
My lovely baby lump, check it out!
Miss Deebers just chillin in the back of the work truck
Matt is a tree hugger... and here is proof!!! :)
But only the pine, sage or juniper variety!
This man could out show vanna white any day!
My handsome hubby and his blacktail doe 
Matt and his new gelding Chip roping a rogue cow 
that bull is lucky there is a tailgate between him and the kelpies
My niece Bree, the mad hatter.
My cowboy branding on the best little mare ever! 
This is what you will find on any given trip to the OBs office.. i check in while matt watches the weather.  He is awesome tho, such a great sport! He has only missed 2 of my appointments!
Matt watching tv in the waiting room at the OBs office... :)
the bare belly bump continues to grow and grow! (photobombed by 2 canines)
the life of a ranch dog...
and the life of a housedog 
something special will be sent to the person who can spot matt in this picture... 

Until next time!!!!
Whats in YOUR photos??!?