Monday, January 27, 2014

Meeting the Little Buddy

On November 26th we got to see the first glimpse of baby ingram.
And the little baby stole our hearts!
How could we possibly love you as much as we do already!?
SOOOO in love with this little buddy...

We even saw your little arm move! It was as if you were waving to us.
And we saw your big ol' head and your teeny tiny foot!

I weighed in at 125 lbs (3 lbs up from my pre preg weight) with my blood pressure at 107/67 and your heartbeat at 143bpm.

You are absolutely perfect!

And so far, everything looked great with both you and i!

You were only about the size of a grape on your first ultrasound with little arms and legs - but you had a wonderfully strong and amazingly beautiful heart - we watched it flutter and it sure made ours do the same.

On January 9th we had our second dr appointment where we listened to your heart beat again.
It was so strong, and we could even hear you doing summersaults!
We both were crying tears of joy... there is nothing that prepares you for hearing that little beat-beat of your babies heart... i cant even image actually meeting you face to face!

I weighed in at 133.8 lbs (up a total of 10 from my pre preg weight) with my blood pressure at 106/70 and your heartbeat at 156bpm.

Your daddy and i couldnt be more excited!
We are so blessed!

We had another ultrasound last week on January 21st and although I don't have a picture from it (I was so amazed at looking at you on the screen that I forgot to ask for a print out!!!) you had little bones and you were much bigger than last time :) 

My "cervix" is looking good, not as long as a normal one, but it's long enough for now!
They'll measure it again on February 5th and this time, I'll make sure to get a print out of you :) 

I still cannot believe that there is a baby growing inside of me!
A little baby that Matt and I, with Gods wonderful grace, created!!!
If I think about it too much I start crying... So I won't go into detail...
It's just purely a miracle that you are in there, and soon you will be out here, in our arms!!!

Little baby bump!!! (Excuse the pj's ... and the tang... And the trash can)

Monday, January 20, 2014

12 Weeks

3 Months Along - 12 Weeks! 

The baby bump is totally here to stay! (for at least the next 6 months or so...)

How Far Along: 12 weeks, 2 days
Weight Gain/Loss: +3 lbs more, totaling 128lbs
Maternity Clothes: No, but i really need a belly band because my jeans wont button.  Ive been doing the hairband trick, but i just feel a little exposed. 
Sleep: Really good actually!!! Im still on my stomach tho... :/
Best Moment This Week: Cleaning out the sewing corner as i get ready to make it into a nursery!
Miss Anything: Still missing soda... and jeans! I used to love jeans, and now i cant stand them...
Movement: not yet...
Food Craving: My breakfast almost every morning is sourdough toast with cream cheese, tomato slices and lemon pepper.... mmmmm
Showing: Yes! Little buddy is making my belly grow!
Gender Prediction: Matt says girl, i say its a baby
Labor Signs: No, praise the Lord!
Belly Button: Out-ish.... it is still in, but its moving out... and you can push it back in, but it pops back out... weird!
Wedding Ring: On
Mood: Fabulous! Vacation in 2 days!
Weekly Wisdom: So happy to have made it to 12 weeks!  Baby ingram is strong and healthy!
Looking Forward To: Christmas in 2 days, spending time with Nina and being on vacation!  Cant wait to spend 2 weeks without work with my hubby, for him to see his buddies at Gene and Robins wedding, and for us to start this new year together!

Side Notes: 
Between Christmas gifts and personal purchases, we have a car seat, a swing/bouncer combo, a bedside cosleeper, some clothes, a changing armiore, a dresser, a crib, a boppy, a bumbo, a clip on highchair, a sleep sheep, a Bob Stroller and a breast pump!
Even if we dont get anything else but diapers, we will be set!

8 Weeks

Two Months Along - 8 weeks!

 The bump has grown just slightly from 1 month to 2!

How Far Along: 8 weeks, 5 days
Weight Gain/Loss: +3 lbs, totaling 125lbs
Maternity Clothes: No, although after 5pm i need loose pants! BLOATING!
Sleep: Better than my first few weeks, but this persistent cough ive had and the rib pain due to coughing sure keeps me up!
Best Moment This Week: Seeing baby on the ultrasound! It was simply amazing!
Miss Anything: Soda and coffee... i just want a sip!
Movement: lots of gas... hehe... does that count?
Food Craving: Mexican food, Fried food, french fries, mac & cheese, grapes, toast and the occasional milkshake.
Showing: Sort of, but im definitely bloating, its actually quite impressive.
Gender Prediction: Per the heart rate, im told by current mommas its a girl?
Labor Signs: No, praise the Lord!
Belly Button: In
Wedding Ring: On
Mood: I cry a LOT, but all happy tears.  You'd have to ask matt to get the honest answer.... :)
Weekly Wisdom: Having this baby inside me is so surreal - cannot wait until 12 weeks, ill feel a little more sure of everything.
Looking Forward To: Telling all our family at christmas time! And showing our little buddy's first picture to everyone!

Side Notes: 
Nausea is not fun, but i havent thrown up yet.
My farts smell terrible - so not attractive i know, but its truth, and the truth sucks sometimes.
Jenny Mcarthys book "Belly Laughs" recommended to me by my bff from childhood is So. Spot. On.
Constipation... im eating... but where in the world does all that food go??? Cause it aint comin out!
I took out my belly ring... it might be the strangest looking thing ever... 

We're Pregnant!!!

So yes, i know this is late... as im now 16 weeks along.
But i kept a journal so that one day (today apparently) i could share my pregnancy journey with the blogging world!

So, lets flash back to October, the 27th to be precise.

There i was, lying on my sisters couch in california.  I was 2 days late and i had bought a pregnancy test the night before.  However, i had left it in my sisters room with my suitcase and other belongings.  I really and i mean REALLY had to pee, but i didnt want to wake her up.  Thank goodness my little nephew did that for me :).  He was talking just enough that she could hear him, so she got up and went to see what was up.  I asked if i could grab the test, then ran to the potty, did the pee-pee dance as i was struggling to get the dang child proof wrapped stick open, and finally gave it a good 5 steady seconds of stream.
Then, because watching the stick for 2 minutes is torture, i left it on the tub and went to look at myself in the mirror, because that seemed like a better thing to stare at then my pee stick.  2 minutes (+30 seconds more just for good measure) had passed and i went to look at it and saw.....

A BFP!!!!! (Big Fat Positive for all you non-TTC [trying to conceivers])
Matt and i did it!!! On our first round of the wonder drug Clomid!
We made a baby!!!  With the grace of God, we were pregnant!!!!!

I could not believe it.
So right then and there, on the toilet rug, i knelt down and said a prayer.
I thanked Him for this amazing blessing, and asked that he keep the little baby healthy and inside of me for as long as it needed to be.

So i went back to the living room, grabbed my phone, and called matt.
No, i didnt tell him we were pregnant over the phone... but calling him just seemed like the right thing to do!   Just hearing his voice was so exciting.  We talked about his morning and my night and then said our goodbyes.

Britt came out a little later on and she had heard me sniffling on the couch as i was talking to matt.  Sniffling from crying yes, but crying tears of JOY!
So, with her only knowing of my tears, she prepared herself for cheering me up... but then, i showed her the stick and she couldnt believe it!
It was pretty much a true California Girl moment filled with "Shut Up!?!?!" and "No Way?!?!" and "Oh my Gosh!!!" 

It was very exciting being able to say it out loud for the first time! 
Im Pregnant!

A few hours later i took my first "pregnancy picture" = fabulous idea from my brother in law Heath!
Somehow i had totally skipped over that idea... leave it to the man who has 8 kids to remember something that important :)

little baby is 4 weeks along here :)

But what i couldnt wait for was telling Matt!
My wonderful husband, my best friend in the entire world, was going to be a daddy!
He had wanted this even before i did.
Back when i had my last surgery, and the doc said it was time to start trying, i was nervous and didnt know if i was ready for that yet.  Not Matt, he was ready.  And now the time had come!
I had all these elaborate plans in my mind (courtesy of pinterest) of how i would tell him when i found out.  But i was never planning on being 16 hours away from him when i found out!

So, i had to improvise - i took my sis with me to go onesie shopping.
We made a quick stop to see my dad and i told him the good news.
More tears of joy!  He is excited to have another grandbaby.
Then we left, and went to....
BabiesRUs, here we come!

I found an adorable little tan onesie for little baby ingram that read "Daddys Little Star".
It was perfect for the little baby.
Then i found a bedtime board book entitled "On the Night You Were Born"
I read the first page, then tried to read it aloud to brittney, but i couldnt get the words out audibly through all my tears!
"On the night you were born, 
the moon smiled with such wonder
that the stars peeked in to see you
and the night wind whispered, 
'Life will never be the same.'
Because there had never been anyone like you...
ever in the world"
It was perfect for the little baby.  
Then i found a "Congratulations Daddy" card to go along with the book and the onesie.
It was perfect for the little baby.  
They were all perfect for the little perfect baby.

I put it all in a gift bag and counted down the minutes to when i would see matt at the airport.
I got off the plane, had a much needed toilet break where i decided to pee on the 2nd stick in the box just to make sure it was still a plus sign (thank you Jesus, it was), and headed out past security to the passenger arrival area.  As always, he was the most handsome man waiting in the boise airport.  
We hugged and then i led him back over to the waiting area chairs and gave him my gift bag.
He reached in and grabbed the card, pulled the card just enough out of the envelope that he could read the "Congratulations Daddy" part, and then looked at me in awe.  
Those two little words were enough to make us both cry, and hold each other, and then cry some more.  
Matt was so excited - that night, we both wore the largest smiles anyone has ever had.
So, naturally, we wanted to celebrate!
We went to Carls Jr! 
(they dont have these in most parts of Idaho... the closest one to our house is 2.5 hours away, so it was a great choice of celebratory meals!)
And it was delicious!

That night Matt called the baby his "little buddy" and has called the baby that ever since then.

In the next few days, i called Grandma Lisa and she was so excited, i made her cry at work.
Then i called Auntie Amanda and i made her cry too.
And she was very adamant that i take very good care of myself (love that she cares so much for me) :)
Then i called Grandpa Dan and had to leave a message but he called me back and i was able to tell him too.  He was very happy - he is a man of few words but you could hear the smile in his voice.
Then i called Great Grandma Nina, and she was so excited too.  She also gave me a stern talking to about how i was to rest and not ride horses and not run around with the cows like i normally do.  She sure does love me and i am one lucky lady!  Im so so glad that little baby ingram will get to meet her.  She is incredible.
I called be bff from childhood Des and she was over the moon, she was literally squealing into the phone.  And im pretty sure i could hear her jump up and down.  She is also pregnant, so we are bffs pregnant together... so fun!
I called Grandmomma Valerie and Auntie Chelle too... and they both started crying and were just so happy for us. 

A few days later i finished up my baby registry at Target (that i will admit to starting about 4 months before we started clomid - it was fun to dream) and also started pinning baby stuff like crazy to my secret baby pinterest board.

I had my first craving right around halloween - SALAMI!
Pretty odd for me, i mean i love it and all, but while i was at work i would have bet money that someone walked into the office with salami in their pocket - thats how bad i wanted it... so much so that i could smell it.  As soon as i got off work, i ran to the highly overpriced touristy market and bought salami.  I didnt even wait until i got home before indulging in a piece or two or five.
Needless to say, my husband was more than happy to indulge himself.
You can tell the baby is half Matt - it was loving the salami too.

The next few weeks i had sore boobies (that also grew to size 34B... whoo whoot!), crazy headaches, a nauseous tummy, and lovely acne - all courtesy of increased hormones.

We took my 1 month picture on Halloween. 

I wanted to incorporate daddy into these photos too, so he will be holding the "baby" each picture.

And, to be completely honest, this "orange seed" is actually a green bean seed - all the oranges i had at home were seedless... go figure. 

We of course talked about names, and we like...
Boy: Bodie O'Dell or Bridger Daniel
Girl: Ruby Angelina or Sonora Jo

I had more cravings for fried food, sweet and sour chicken, nina's quesidillas, des's burritos, french fries... pretty much anything cooked in oil, and a LOT of it!
Matt even told me "Um, you know thats bad for you right?!"
I cant help it!!!
The BABY wants it!  The BABY needs it! :)
Ok so i can help it, and i know its bad for me....
But i have a few pounds to spare, so i can indulge in the unhealthy stuff now while I'm trying not to barf at the sound of food.  
Im sure ill thank Matt later when i dont have 80lbs of post baby weight to lose!

OH! and weirdest pregnancy side effect in those early weeks - extra saliva - man i was drooling all over the place... excellent.

My fried food craving soon turned into a carb crazy craving - mac and cheese, ramen noodles, any pasta, and any bread.
I never threw up, but man, any food that wasnt listed above was totally gross...especially salad.
Im still having issues with salad.... im working on it tho.

Grossest side effect of pregnancy in the early weeks??? 
Farts - holy moly, i thought my husbands gas was killer...
apparently i had never been around a pregnant lady! 
I cant even believe that my flatulence is now in the same category as my husbands!
WHAT is WRONG with me?!?
I definitely feel bad for anyone who sat behind me in church, stood behind me in the checkout line, you get the picture....
thank goodness those have passed....

Now, onto the joys of second trimester pregnancy!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Old Wives are CRAZY!

Ok, so I've heard of some crazy old wives tales that are supposed to tell you if you are to have a baby boy or a baby girl.
In our case, a baby Bodie (or Bridger) or a baby Ruby (or Sonora)...
Some are outlandish, others well... Ok so they are all crazy... But how true will they be!?

Here are a few I found online and my results!

1. Are you carrying high or low? 
I'm carrying low, even my OBG was surprised how far under my pelvis my uterus still was. 
Low = BOY!

2. Are you carrying in the front or from side to side?
Definitely to the front, thus why I'm only 15 weeks and my pants just simply will not button!
Front = BOY!

3. Do you have acne?
Ummm YES! And I've never really had it before so I'm not a fan! Although I think it is clearing up! 
Acne = GIRL!

4. Do you have dry hands?
Yes, but then again, it is wintertime in idaho!!! Dry air, wind, frigid temps... Doesn't really scream moisture.
Dry Hands = BOY!

5. Do you have cold feet?
Always, and especially in the winter. See number 4.
Cold Feet = BOY!

6. The ring test: take your wedding ring and hang it above your belly from a piece of string, hair, etc.
If it spins in a circle, it's a girl.  If it rocks side to side, it's a boy.
Mine was like that pirate boat ride at the fair...
Back & Forth = BOY!

7. Is your babies heart rate above or below 140?
First appointment it was 144bpm, last appointment was 156bpm.
HR above 140 = GIRL!

8. Are you craving sweets or salty and sour things?
Let's begin by saying Salt & Vinegar potato chips are the bomb. And we can also add that pizza, popcorn and Fritos are high on the list.  Did I mention Salt & Vinegar chips?!
Salt & Sour = BOY!

9. The Mayan Calendar says that by looking at your age during conception and the year of conception, you can tell the gender.  If they are both even or both odd, it's a girl.  If one is odd and one is even, it's a boy.
I was 26 when I conceived in 2013.
Odd & Even = BOY!

10. The Chinese are also apparent masters of gender prediction.  
They take your birthdate (Y,M,D,time zone) and your date of conception (Y,M,D,time zone) and then tell you what you will have. 
1986/10/23/PST + 2013/10/12/MST = BOY! 

11. Has your hubby gained weight during your pregnancy?
Unfortunately for Matt, we hit Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years so far.... And Valentines still to come! 
Hubby up 10lbs = GIRL!

12. Did you have pretty bad morning sickness? 
I never threw up, and I always just felt better sitting on the couch than cleaning the house... But apparently that doesn't hold a candle to kneeling in front of the porcelain throne.
No morning sickness = BOY!

13. Are you more comfortable sleeping on your left or your right side?
Well, I am usually most comfortable sleeping on my belly, but the whole beach ball phenomenon is making that quite difficult!  I always fall asleep on my back or my left side.
Left side sleeper = BOY!

14. Are you clumsy or dizzy?
Yes... My boss frequently thinks I'm going to faint, but I just stumble a lot or lose my balance. 
Dizzy = BOY!

15. Which boobie is bigger?
Thank goodness they are both bigger!!! My days of wearing a 32A are behind me! (At least for now!) 
However, my left is noticeably bigger, so much so that Matt even noticed.  At least I don't look like this.... 
Left Breast bigger = BOY!

16. Do you have headaches?
Yes! And they are terrible lately! And I know it's not a caffiene headache... Because I've gone 15+ weeks without caffiene. On a side note, can I just say thank you to coca cola for making caffiene free diet coke? 
Headaches = BOY!

17. Are you craving meats and cheeses?
Actually, my very first craving hit at just over 4 weeks into the pregnancy.  Salami, cheese, and crackers.  Needless to say, my hubby was more that pleased to eat his share too :) 
I <3 meat = BOY!

18. The draino test: if you mix draino in with your pee and it changes to a certain color, your supposedly able to tell the sex.
Now... Every website that lists this test also lists that the combination of urine + draino can cause really harsh fumes, that it could even cause an explosion!
I did not try this one... I've seen too many Wile E. Coyote explosions....

So.. Let's recap.

Boy: 14
Girl: 3

Quite a difference in the numbers... Now to wait until July to see if they were true!!!

Of course none of these have any science behind them... A woman carries her baby based on the baby's position or size and based on her tummy muscles prior to pregnancy, any kind of hormonal change can cause skin issues, the fetal heart rate can change minute to minute based on multiple fetal studies, and some ladies just get sick more than others!  But isn't it fun to guess?! :) 

***Discalimer : Matt and I will be happy with a little boy or a little girl.  Whatever baby we are lucky enough to have will fit right in with our family... Whether they want to cowboy or cook, or do both or do neither! We are just excited to meet the little peach!

Did anyone out in the interwebs find these to be true (or false) with their pregnancies?
I'd love to know :) 

As of July 4th, 2014 we have a baby BOY!
so, looks like the old wives know a thing or two about babies!