Monday, January 20, 2014

8 Weeks

Two Months Along - 8 weeks!

 The bump has grown just slightly from 1 month to 2!

How Far Along: 8 weeks, 5 days
Weight Gain/Loss: +3 lbs, totaling 125lbs
Maternity Clothes: No, although after 5pm i need loose pants! BLOATING!
Sleep: Better than my first few weeks, but this persistent cough ive had and the rib pain due to coughing sure keeps me up!
Best Moment This Week: Seeing baby on the ultrasound! It was simply amazing!
Miss Anything: Soda and coffee... i just want a sip!
Movement: lots of gas... hehe... does that count?
Food Craving: Mexican food, Fried food, french fries, mac & cheese, grapes, toast and the occasional milkshake.
Showing: Sort of, but im definitely bloating, its actually quite impressive.
Gender Prediction: Per the heart rate, im told by current mommas its a girl?
Labor Signs: No, praise the Lord!
Belly Button: In
Wedding Ring: On
Mood: I cry a LOT, but all happy tears.  You'd have to ask matt to get the honest answer.... :)
Weekly Wisdom: Having this baby inside me is so surreal - cannot wait until 12 weeks, ill feel a little more sure of everything.
Looking Forward To: Telling all our family at christmas time! And showing our little buddy's first picture to everyone!

Side Notes: 
Nausea is not fun, but i havent thrown up yet.
My farts smell terrible - so not attractive i know, but its truth, and the truth sucks sometimes.
Jenny Mcarthys book "Belly Laughs" recommended to me by my bff from childhood is So. Spot. On.
Constipation... im eating... but where in the world does all that food go??? Cause it aint comin out!
I took out my belly ring... it might be the strangest looking thing ever... 

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