Monday, January 27, 2014

Meeting the Little Buddy

On November 26th we got to see the first glimpse of baby ingram.
And the little baby stole our hearts!
How could we possibly love you as much as we do already!?
SOOOO in love with this little buddy...

We even saw your little arm move! It was as if you were waving to us.
And we saw your big ol' head and your teeny tiny foot!

I weighed in at 125 lbs (3 lbs up from my pre preg weight) with my blood pressure at 107/67 and your heartbeat at 143bpm.

You are absolutely perfect!

And so far, everything looked great with both you and i!

You were only about the size of a grape on your first ultrasound with little arms and legs - but you had a wonderfully strong and amazingly beautiful heart - we watched it flutter and it sure made ours do the same.

On January 9th we had our second dr appointment where we listened to your heart beat again.
It was so strong, and we could even hear you doing summersaults!
We both were crying tears of joy... there is nothing that prepares you for hearing that little beat-beat of your babies heart... i cant even image actually meeting you face to face!

I weighed in at 133.8 lbs (up a total of 10 from my pre preg weight) with my blood pressure at 106/70 and your heartbeat at 156bpm.

Your daddy and i couldnt be more excited!
We are so blessed!

We had another ultrasound last week on January 21st and although I don't have a picture from it (I was so amazed at looking at you on the screen that I forgot to ask for a print out!!!) you had little bones and you were much bigger than last time :) 

My "cervix" is looking good, not as long as a normal one, but it's long enough for now!
They'll measure it again on February 5th and this time, I'll make sure to get a print out of you :) 

I still cannot believe that there is a baby growing inside of me!
A little baby that Matt and I, with Gods wonderful grace, created!!!
If I think about it too much I start crying... So I won't go into detail...
It's just purely a miracle that you are in there, and soon you will be out here, in our arms!!!

Little baby bump!!! (Excuse the pj's ... and the tang... And the trash can)

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