Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cardigan Onesie

So I've been able to complete my first sewing project since Baby B came along!

Granted it wasn't a whole lot of sewing and it only took me an hour ... But it's still blog worthy! 

We made the ever-so-popular Onesie Cardigan!

We bought this onesie at Once Upon A Child, a local children's consignment shop for 2$. 

This one has a fixed neck opening with side snaps on the left shoulder.

Step 1: remove neck band (this was a tad tricky at the snaps but we managed) 

Step 2: Cut down the center - when you are nearing the snaps veer off to one side  and cut between two snaps 

Step 3: at the armpit level, mark a line starting at the center cut and up to each shoulder 

Step 4: cut out these two triangles 

Step 5: line with bias tape and pin in place (packaged or homemade - I had a package of green bias tape that needed to be used and loved the color contrast)
 (I folded and pinned under the start of the tape and left the tail unpinned and unfolded just in case - as you near the tail, measure fold and pin then sew)

Step 6: Sew through bias tape - be sure to sandwich the onesie with the tape and sew through all 3 layers! 

Step 7: pick out cute buttons and sew on  - I sewed through both layers of the onesie so they aren't working buttons.  If you wanted working buttons, you'll have to make holes ... :/ 

And viola!  A cardigan onesie! 
Bridger is sleeping so I can't try it on him ... But he will be wearing it next week so keep your eye out for pictures :) 

Monday, November 3, 2014

18 Weeks Old

Hey 4 month old!
Big big boy you are! 
Wearing wranglers and voting... Sheesh... Where did the time go?!

This week we relaxed. 
Mom has had a bit of a cough and sore throat, so we took it easy.
Luckily you haven't got any sign of a cold! 

Our poor old Chloe dog isnt doing so well. 
Her tumors are growing by the hour it seems... Poor sweet girl.
You won't remember her, but she is a great dog. 
She lets you grab her and try to eat her even being old and frail. 
She has all the patience in the world for you. 
She doesn't particularly enjoy your cries or screams, but she will just leave the room and go find a quieter space. 
But if your are happy, wherever you go, she goes.  
She sleeps by you every night. 
We have been blessed to have her, and I'm glad you got to spend a few months with each other. 

This week you helped mom vote. 
The ladies at the polling place loved you - you flirted and smiled... We are gonna be in trouble! 
One lady called you a heartbreaker... And then daddy said you won't be a heart breaker... You'll be a good guy.  
With your sweet smile and dimples, with your blue eyes and perfectly round head... You'll get all the ladies! And we know you'll be a good guy :) 

We helped dad with his horses again by driving the dummy for him. 
You got to ride a bit too. 

This week we also helped him load some calves onto trucks. 
You worked the ally and kept the calves from turning back into the corrals. 
You were a natural, jumping out in front of any calf that tried to get by. 
You're a fearless little dude.

One new thing you've learned this week is walking. 
You can walk if we hold your hands!
It's pretty crazy I think .... I think you are WAY to little to walk, but you seem to do it just fine! 
It's the cutest thing though... We set you on the ground and those little legs just get to moving... One after another! 
Not to mention how bad you want to crawl! 
You spend about 90% of your tummy tummy time inching sideways and back ways and longways trying to crawl! 
Momma is not ready for a crawler! 
Her little boy is just a little baby!!! 
How did you get so big? 

Oh my sweet precious peach... I love you so! 
Kisses my boy, 

17 Weeks Old

Hey Charlie!
Or Bridger Brown as we lovingly nick named you this week!

This week you went to a Halloween party at the sherbine house!
You were the littlest one there but you were such a good baby! 
Next year you'll be able to play a little more, go down the slide and such. 
You sure were a cute little hunter! 

This week your daddy went on a hunting trip with uncle Larry in Montpelier. 
They were hunting for cow elk. 
Your daddy said it was very cold and even snowy!

We sure did miss him while he was gone!
(Although it was nice to have the bed to ourselves!) :)

This week you celebrated your first Halloween! 
You loved the little pumpkin we got for you - it was Bridger sized! 
And of course, you thought it was a great thing to chew on!
On Halloween day you ran some errands with mom and then stopped in hailey for a little bit of trick or treating. 
You even were in a costume contest. 
(You didn't win... But those judges were crazy!!! How could they pass up Bridger Brown!! Pure insanity!)
You also trick or treated at Duane and Gloria's - he gave you your first candy! 
He got tootsie pops especially for you, so of course we had to let you try it! 
And man, you sure loved a little bit if that orange sucker!
I'm telling you, if anyone were to find out how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of the tootsie pop, it'd be YOU! 
And after just a few little licks your drool sure kicked in and you salivated like crazy! 

You are just getting so big!
Each day your little personality comes out more and more!
You're such a ham bone.
You have the cutest laugh.
And the sweetest smile. 
We love you little Bridger boy!

Yours always, 

16 Weeks Old

Hey mini stud muffin!

You are the sweetest lil muffin around I tell ya!

This week you went to a wedding. 
Our friends dale and Larissa got married down at silver creek. 
It was a very nice ceremony and you were a true gentleman!  Didn't cry a peep!
It got a bit cold so we didn't stay long, but you sure looked handsome! 
We even got some family pics taken by Pastor Kimball since we were all showered up and lookin spiffy!

We have been helping dad leg up his horses this week, and have been dragging the roping dummy for him.
You enjoy it as it's outside (and we all know how much you loooove being outside) and it's a little bumpy so when you get dissinterested in going in circles, you just fall asleep in mommas arms.

This week something HUGE happened!
You rolled over!
You have been working on it for days now, but your arm was always in the way!
This week, you figured out how to move that pesky arm out of the way and you rolled from your back all the way over to your belly!
We are so proud!  
Momma is a bit sad as it means you are getting so big!!!
But she is so happy that you are growing and learning....
Just don't crawl too soon ok?!

This week you also found your feet! 
They are your bestest of friends now... Only second to that cute little boy in the mirror! 
This new joy of yours makes it hard to put your diaper on, your pants on, put you in the car seat....
But it is so cute that I'll let all that slide. 
You are just so happy when those two little dirty dogs find their way into your hands! 

You are liking playing in your baby armchair this week. 
It's a little bumbo like seat with toys all around it - uncle Jess gave it to you!
It's not really an armchair, but when you sit in it you look so big and sit so straight up that it reminds me of an armchair. :) 

You have begun to suck on your fingers and thumb a bit more this week. 
To be honest, momma was a bit concerned... It's a lot harder to take away fingers than it is to take away a Pacifier. 
But after reading a lot online, it turns out that you are actually likely a problem solver... As you have figured out how to self soothe. 
And that you will eventually stop sucking your fingers or thumb.... Even if it takes till kindergarten for you to do so.
And that it won't hurt your teeth unless you're still sucking them when you get your adult teeth in. 
But I'm sure you won't be doing that... :) 

Your momma turned 28 this week! :o
Soo old! :) 
It was her best birthday yet - she was able to spend it with her two favorite boys! 

We sure do love you little man - you are so sweet... Such a lover. 
I look forward to every day, whether it starts at 5am or ends at 11pm... I love spending my days cuddling your sweet cheekies. 

Love you Bridger boy, 
Your momma 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

15 Weeks Old

Hey blue eyes!

You are just the funnest little man! 
I find so much joy just watching you play with your toys - you smile and talk to yourself... How did you get so grown up?

One new found friend this week is your yellow lovey giraffe, and we have lovingly named him jojo.
You love to squeeze him and bite his head - and he doesn't mind it one bit!

You love to watch us eat - which is scary for mom as it means you might be ready to try solid foods soon! 
You always grab for our bananas! I'm not sure if it's the yellow color, the smell or baby's intuition ... But you know they are something you like! 
We let you have a little taste and you sucked on that banana until it was nice and slobbery! 

This week you went on your first hunt!
Our buck hunt continued, and boy oh boy we got one buddy!
Mom, dad and Kerry went out hunting on Queens Crown in Carey.
Mom and Kerry were hunting while dad was carrying you.
We hiked and hiked and hiked and never really saw anything worth shooting - just some smaller young bucks.
Since dad was carrying you for about 5 hours, I told him I would carry you down to the truck as we were headed out.
And you know what?  On our hike out we ran into a buck!
This guy was coming up the draw right towards us!  
Momma was so shocked to see him, she barely had enough time to unbuckle the carrier, set you down on the dirt (sorry) and shoot him! 
You had your earmuffs on and didn't hear a thing. Although you did cry - you were pretty upset at being left on the ground! (Sorry again, but i was right next to you and picked you up right after!)
So we called dad, he hiked on over to us and found our deer!
We were even more lucky in that I shot him not 50 yards from a blm road! 
So we were able to drive up close to him and load him on the truck.  Dad did all the work tho... Drug him to the road, loaded him, gutted him at home, skinned and cleaned him! 
Since you love to be outside, I'm pretty sure you enjoyed the hunt! 

This week you also went on a horse ride with momma!
She was trying to help dad move some cows and went along for the ride. 
Momma can't ride too hard with you attached to her, so she wasn't much help.. But it was very nice to be horseback with the best little buddy! You slept most the time, so I don't think you minded it much either! 
You are still a bit little to be able to see out of your carrier, so I'm sure as you get bigger you'll enjoy things more as you'll be able to look around more easily. 

We went to town again this week and you were the pumpkin king.

We took the rest of the week easy as we had done so much in the beginning of the week!
We spent a lot of time playing with our playmat and exersaucer. 

You're still loving bath time - and momma and dad sure do enjoy your shrills and giggles that accompany splash time! 

You are getting bigger and bigger, and I just don't know if I can stand how cute you are. 
I love you to pieces!

Love you always little man!