Monday, November 3, 2014

18 Weeks Old

Hey 4 month old!
Big big boy you are! 
Wearing wranglers and voting... Sheesh... Where did the time go?!

This week we relaxed. 
Mom has had a bit of a cough and sore throat, so we took it easy.
Luckily you haven't got any sign of a cold! 

Our poor old Chloe dog isnt doing so well. 
Her tumors are growing by the hour it seems... Poor sweet girl.
You won't remember her, but she is a great dog. 
She lets you grab her and try to eat her even being old and frail. 
She has all the patience in the world for you. 
She doesn't particularly enjoy your cries or screams, but she will just leave the room and go find a quieter space. 
But if your are happy, wherever you go, she goes.  
She sleeps by you every night. 
We have been blessed to have her, and I'm glad you got to spend a few months with each other. 

This week you helped mom vote. 
The ladies at the polling place loved you - you flirted and smiled... We are gonna be in trouble! 
One lady called you a heartbreaker... And then daddy said you won't be a heart breaker... You'll be a good guy.  
With your sweet smile and dimples, with your blue eyes and perfectly round head... You'll get all the ladies! And we know you'll be a good guy :) 

We helped dad with his horses again by driving the dummy for him. 
You got to ride a bit too. 

This week we also helped him load some calves onto trucks. 
You worked the ally and kept the calves from turning back into the corrals. 
You were a natural, jumping out in front of any calf that tried to get by. 
You're a fearless little dude.

One new thing you've learned this week is walking. 
You can walk if we hold your hands!
It's pretty crazy I think .... I think you are WAY to little to walk, but you seem to do it just fine! 
It's the cutest thing though... We set you on the ground and those little legs just get to moving... One after another! 
Not to mention how bad you want to crawl! 
You spend about 90% of your tummy tummy time inching sideways and back ways and longways trying to crawl! 
Momma is not ready for a crawler! 
Her little boy is just a little baby!!! 
How did you get so big? 

Oh my sweet precious peach... I love you so! 
Kisses my boy, 

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