Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daily Discovery #2: Getting Worse!?

Things can always get worse.

Optimism (and prayer) are not at all overrated, but just remember to be realistic.

And also remember, no matter how bad things are right now, they can always get worse.

You could always be surrounded by lions...

Or flying through the air WHILE being hunted by a great white...

Or stuck in a plastic chair...

Or feeling a little cramped...

Or not really sure where you belong...

Or you could be totally and UDDERLY embarrassed like this...

Or stuck in the stocks...

Or feeling mighty fat...

Or just plain tired of hanging around...

Or sick of the commute...

Or just BEARLY hanging in there...

Or of course, you could be attacked by flying spiders....

So no matter how bad things are, remember they can always get worse!

So keep your thoughts positive, your chin up, your smile showing, your knees on the ground, and always keep a prayer in your heart.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Daily Discovery #1 : Crazy Families

Everyone has a crazy family 

Thank goodness I'm not the only one! :)

All families are different and they are all dealing with something.
Something odd, something terrible, something heart wrenching, something... different. 

The more you talk to people, I mean really talk to people, the more you find out that YOU are not alone.

I am not the only one who watched alcohol destroy lives
I am not the only one who had to bury their parent at the age of 18
I am not the only one who struggles with building up broken family relationships on a less-than-mediocre foundation
I am not the only one who has mental illness in their close family
I am not the only one who has battled disease after disease with family members

And I am not the only one who feels sad, angry, bitter, dejected, embarrassed.
I am not the only one who feels hurt, broken, lost.

And knowing that I am not the only one, I start feeling normal
I start feeling empowered, I start feeling like I'll be ok.

I discovered that I am part of a bigger family than just my little one; I am part of a family that has LOTS of problems. But we are all in it together! 

We have all gone through experiences in our lives that make us who we are, that make us unique.
But there are others out there that have gone through, are going through, or will go through the same thing, that will struggle with the same problem!
And if given the opportunity, sharing our life experiences with others is something that can benefit everyone! 
Whether you survived or are struggling, it's so nice to hear that you are not alone.
And  it's so nice to see that someone lived through the problem that you are dealing with now! 
Someone made it through, and is better for doing so.
And so can you. 

We don't always like hearing other people talk about their lives.
In fact, sometimes it makes us angrier having to listen to them!
What do they know?! 
A lot! They were there too! 
It might not be an identical situation, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

When I talk with someone about alcoholism or depression or suicide or funny family problems, they almost always have a similar story. And I feel better after talking with them. 
And I'm sure they do too.
I never mind sharing personal information knowing that it could help someone.
And I hope you find the same thing to be true, because the person you might help could even be me! 

So remember, everyone has a crazy family. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Clomid Cries & a New Pony

Clomid so far....

I have never felt so bloated in my life!
Holy moly, I didn't know I could contain that much air in my belly! 
Air that would not escape!!!
One night, I even PRAYED for a fart... Like it would help!? 
But 3 hours later I was able to fall asleep, just in time for the alarm to ring.

And night sweats... Blah!
I hate waking up sweaty and clammy.

The first two days I had very bad headaches, migraines even
I used to work for an eye doctor and would see a lot of patients who had classic migraine flashes and blurred vision.
Clomid has given me these wonderful light shows!
And the dizziness and nausea that follows
Thanks for the show, but next time I don't want tickets! 

I've also had dizziness without headaches.
This happened at two very inopportune times...
1. Driving at night.
Matt said I was hugging the line, and I said, I know, I felt like I was really close to the center line so I moved over, but that line was still just right there!
Matt then told me he wasn't talking about the center line! Oops...
2. Picking Plums & Pears
Nothing says fall quite like being on the top of a ladder on a brisk 18*F morning picking fruit.
Then again, nothing says fall quite like a dizzy spell while on that ladder.

And my least favorite of the side effects has been my mood swings.
You might have to verify this with my hubby, but I have yet to become a mean scary monster.
However, I have shed a tear or two, or three, ok maybe thirty eight.
It was just one morning so far, but man I was sad!
At everything... And at nothing.
Hubby was patient, and took the blame for it all.
(He has learned well from his daddy)
Totally not his fault and I did let him know that, and I apologized for my waterworks.
But he still took the blame, my crazy wonderful cowboy.
And how did he cheer me up?
He bought me a pony :)
He knows that any girl problem can be solved with a new pony.
Ok so he isn't a pony, he is a horse
 And Matt didn't buy him, we bought him together
but he is very nice, and it did make me very happy :)
His registered name is "Sundre Dash to Par (Poker Chip)"
We will call him Chip.

So the "pill days" of the clomid cycle are over...
But I guess the side effects can last all 28 days!
When weighed with the chance of having a beautiful baby, the side effects are nothin! 
Let's just hope the only side effect I'll have now is twins!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How do you LOVE your Husband?

Ephesians Chapter 5 talks about love - not just any love, but the love between a husband and a wife
It tells us wives to submit to our husbands, just as we do to the lord.
We are told to respect him and honor him.
It tells husbands to love us wives, to make us holy, to present us as blameless, and to love us as they love their own bodies.
Because the husband that loves his wife loves himself.
AMAZING right?!?!

A couple that plays together, stays together... or at least thats our motto :)

In my mind, a wife that can truly love her husband is well on the road to respect.
These are a few ways that i try to love and respect my husband.
And when i do these things, let me tell you the Ingram Homestead is a much happier place :)
And they are so simple to do!  But they mean so much to your hubby, even if he doesnt say it.
When you start loving your husband every day, every hour, the respect that you are asked to have for him will just come naturally. 

He taught me how to LOVE fishing!

51 Ways I Love & Respect My Cowboy

1. Thank God for him - he is the most important thing in your life, you are truly blessed!
2. Take walks together - it is so nice to be outside in Gods beauty with your sweetie by your side
3. Cuddle up together - physical closeness can only lead to emotional and spiritual closeness
4. Leave love notes for him - in his lunch, on the mirror, on his pillow, in his boots - so fun!
5. Take his coffee to him in the morning - who doesnt love a free refill?!
6. Rub his head or his back - when he is relaxed, he is happy, and so are you!
7. Send him a text - make him laugh, remind him of a special moment, or just tell him you love him
8. Leave him a Voicemail - sing a funny song, tell a joke, or remind him that you are thinking of him
9. Send him letters in the MAIL! - everyone loves getting mail, especially love letters! S.W.A.K.!
10. Be silly together - make up songs, special handshakes, talk in funny accents
11. Dress up for him - make yourself all pretty just for him, especially when you are just home alone
12. Cook him a fancy dinner - make it a 3 course meal, with music, candles, and YOU!
13. DANCE! - dance in the kitchen, the bedroom, under the stars - dance floors are everywhere!
14. Learn new things, together! - take a class or try out something new and learn to laugh at eachother!
15. Wear Lingerie - make your honeymoon last forever, youll be extra irresistable!
16. Go to bed early - lay there together, talking and giggling, or maybe do something else?! ;)
17. Pray together - before the day starts and at the close of the day
18. Pray for him - help him through the day by praying for his safety, his happiness, his health, you name it
19. Read the bible together - then discuss it, its great to hear each others take on things
20. Volunteer together - babysit a friends kiddos, clean up the roadside, serve at a soup kitchen - its humbling and its great to experience together.
21. Do his favorite things - learn to rope, go hunt with him, help him in the garage - he will love it!
22. Dont nag - no explanation needed here
23. Make his favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner - a full hubby is a happy hubby!
24. Sit on his lap - it really helps you feel close to him, and he will love holding you.
25. Wink at him - and if you are terrible at it like me, at least he will laugh!
26. Hold hands - in the car, at church, at home on the couch!
27. Buy him a treat - if youre out running errands, buy him something small that made you think of him
28. Tell him how much you love him - he will never get sick of it
29. Tell him how gorgeous he is - or sexy, handsome, you get the picture :)
30. Fall asleep in his arms - listen to his heart beat, and know that it is all yours!
31. Dont be too tired! - you know what i mean....and initiate it!!! What a joy for him!
32. Encourage him - to try new things, to keep going, to do whatever it is he needs to do
33. Dont doubt him -  dont second guess him, always stand with his decision, even if its not what you would have chosen!
33. Trust him - he is head of your family, and will do what is best for all involved
34. Thank him - for doing the things that you asked him to do, make sure its noticed
35. Dont criticize him - only speak uplifting words
36. Make dinner together  - even if that means he is just in the kitchen with you
37. Have a pet name for him  - so nice to be called a sweet name by the one you love
38. Exercise together - you can encourage each other to stay healthy and active to live a long life together!
39. Laugh at his silliness and his jokes - make sure he knows you think he is funny! Even if its the same bit youve heard a million times
40. Listen to him - dont ignore him if its something you arent interested in, give him your undivided attention. And do not interrupt!
41. Argue NAKED - best marraige advice ever given to us on our wedding day! Imagine!?!
42. Make him his plate of food - he will love that you thought of his needs before yours (my grandma is a stickler for this one!)
43. Talk to him - he is not a mind reader (doi!) if you need something or want something, TELL HIM!
44. And have EYE contact - if you cant see his eyes, he probably cant "hear" you :)
45. Give him personal space - if he wants to go out with the guys, thats ok! Just make sure that when he comes home that he gets treated better than when he was out, so that your house is his favorite place to be!
46. Let him have Man Dates - encourage him to call his buddies and hang out with them - its good for him, and gives you time for gal time!
47. Say youre sorry - before he does - be a good forgiver!
48. Flirt with him - he obviously likes it, thats what got you two together in the first place!
49. Kiss him Hello and Goodbye - these times are momentous, and should be given special attention, not rushed!
50. Always talk him up - to his family, to his friends - make him known as the kind, loving wonderful hubby he is - make sue he is appreciated and acknowldged in front of everyone he holds dear.
51. Ask for his advice and opinion - what a great way to show him respect  and show that his feelings are of the utmost importance.

The prayer in our wedding is something i will always hold dear

And if youre thinking, "Hey now.. what about me??"
Remember, that when he feels loved, relaxed and happy - that is all he is going to give back.
A man that gets love like this is not going to be angry or distant.
When you meet his needs, he will almost always meet yours.

And if you are thinking, "Hmmm, its not the 1950's anymore, im not doing that ", I say this...
When is love, respect and kindness ever outdated??
Youre not doing these things because you have to, you are doing them because you WANT to, because you are HAPPY to, because you are BLESSED to!
And if you arent doing them for that reason, then dont do them! Or love will not be the message, but instead you will show bitterness and resentment, and disrespect...

Your love is unique, show it off!

The Top 10 Needs in Marriage are...(His Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harley Jr)
Men: 1. Sexual Fulfillment, 2. Recreational Companionship, 3. Attractive Spouse, 4. Domestic Support and 5. Praist and Admiration.
Women: 1. Affection, 2. Conversation, 3. Honesty and Openness, 4. Financial Support and 5. Family Committment.
They can really go hand in hand, and like stated earlier, if you take care of his needs, he will in turn take care of yours.

I love this picture, because just seconds before this was taken, we were not speaking to each other, but just looking at one another for this picture made us both smile and turned our moods around. 

My husband comes second only to God.
He comes before me, and I am so incredibly proud of him, so amazingly in love with him, and so miraculously blessed to be his wife.
Ill admit, im not always 100% on these 51 things... but even if i can do 10 a day, our marriage is so happy and our love grows ten fold.

Be silly and have fun! 
(but dont throw your spouse off a bridge, NOT cool!)

Books to read!:
1. His Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harley Jr
2. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
3. The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Laura Schlessinger (Dr Laura)
4. Love and Respect for a Lifetime by Dr Emmerson Eggerichs
5. Fireproof  by Alex Kendrick
and most importantly the Bible!

And remember, youre nobody till somebody loves you, so find yourself somebody to love!
When somebody loves you, its no good unless they love you, all the way!
(Those good ol boys sure know how to woo a woman!)

Love this part of this movie, sure does make your heart flutter :)