Monday, October 7, 2013

Clomid Cries & a New Pony

Clomid so far....

I have never felt so bloated in my life!
Holy moly, I didn't know I could contain that much air in my belly! 
Air that would not escape!!!
One night, I even PRAYED for a fart... Like it would help!? 
But 3 hours later I was able to fall asleep, just in time for the alarm to ring.

And night sweats... Blah!
I hate waking up sweaty and clammy.

The first two days I had very bad headaches, migraines even
I used to work for an eye doctor and would see a lot of patients who had classic migraine flashes and blurred vision.
Clomid has given me these wonderful light shows!
And the dizziness and nausea that follows
Thanks for the show, but next time I don't want tickets! 

I've also had dizziness without headaches.
This happened at two very inopportune times...
1. Driving at night.
Matt said I was hugging the line, and I said, I know, I felt like I was really close to the center line so I moved over, but that line was still just right there!
Matt then told me he wasn't talking about the center line! Oops...
2. Picking Plums & Pears
Nothing says fall quite like being on the top of a ladder on a brisk 18*F morning picking fruit.
Then again, nothing says fall quite like a dizzy spell while on that ladder.

And my least favorite of the side effects has been my mood swings.
You might have to verify this with my hubby, but I have yet to become a mean scary monster.
However, I have shed a tear or two, or three, ok maybe thirty eight.
It was just one morning so far, but man I was sad!
At everything... And at nothing.
Hubby was patient, and took the blame for it all.
(He has learned well from his daddy)
Totally not his fault and I did let him know that, and I apologized for my waterworks.
But he still took the blame, my crazy wonderful cowboy.
And how did he cheer me up?
He bought me a pony :)
He knows that any girl problem can be solved with a new pony.
Ok so he isn't a pony, he is a horse
 And Matt didn't buy him, we bought him together
but he is very nice, and it did make me very happy :)
His registered name is "Sundre Dash to Par (Poker Chip)"
We will call him Chip.

So the "pill days" of the clomid cycle are over...
But I guess the side effects can last all 28 days!
When weighed with the chance of having a beautiful baby, the side effects are nothin! 
Let's just hope the only side effect I'll have now is twins!

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  1. Aweee...I watched my sister be on clomid for a few months and it wasn't fun! hugs to you my doll friend~ I already love your husband and I haven't even met him yet. You are a lucky girl~