Monday, January 13, 2014

Old Wives are CRAZY!

Ok, so I've heard of some crazy old wives tales that are supposed to tell you if you are to have a baby boy or a baby girl.
In our case, a baby Bodie (or Bridger) or a baby Ruby (or Sonora)...
Some are outlandish, others well... Ok so they are all crazy... But how true will they be!?

Here are a few I found online and my results!

1. Are you carrying high or low? 
I'm carrying low, even my OBG was surprised how far under my pelvis my uterus still was. 
Low = BOY!

2. Are you carrying in the front or from side to side?
Definitely to the front, thus why I'm only 15 weeks and my pants just simply will not button!
Front = BOY!

3. Do you have acne?
Ummm YES! And I've never really had it before so I'm not a fan! Although I think it is clearing up! 
Acne = GIRL!

4. Do you have dry hands?
Yes, but then again, it is wintertime in idaho!!! Dry air, wind, frigid temps... Doesn't really scream moisture.
Dry Hands = BOY!

5. Do you have cold feet?
Always, and especially in the winter. See number 4.
Cold Feet = BOY!

6. The ring test: take your wedding ring and hang it above your belly from a piece of string, hair, etc.
If it spins in a circle, it's a girl.  If it rocks side to side, it's a boy.
Mine was like that pirate boat ride at the fair...
Back & Forth = BOY!

7. Is your babies heart rate above or below 140?
First appointment it was 144bpm, last appointment was 156bpm.
HR above 140 = GIRL!

8. Are you craving sweets or salty and sour things?
Let's begin by saying Salt & Vinegar potato chips are the bomb. And we can also add that pizza, popcorn and Fritos are high on the list.  Did I mention Salt & Vinegar chips?!
Salt & Sour = BOY!

9. The Mayan Calendar says that by looking at your age during conception and the year of conception, you can tell the gender.  If they are both even or both odd, it's a girl.  If one is odd and one is even, it's a boy.
I was 26 when I conceived in 2013.
Odd & Even = BOY!

10. The Chinese are also apparent masters of gender prediction.  
They take your birthdate (Y,M,D,time zone) and your date of conception (Y,M,D,time zone) and then tell you what you will have. 
1986/10/23/PST + 2013/10/12/MST = BOY! 

11. Has your hubby gained weight during your pregnancy?
Unfortunately for Matt, we hit Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years so far.... And Valentines still to come! 
Hubby up 10lbs = GIRL!

12. Did you have pretty bad morning sickness? 
I never threw up, and I always just felt better sitting on the couch than cleaning the house... But apparently that doesn't hold a candle to kneeling in front of the porcelain throne.
No morning sickness = BOY!

13. Are you more comfortable sleeping on your left or your right side?
Well, I am usually most comfortable sleeping on my belly, but the whole beach ball phenomenon is making that quite difficult!  I always fall asleep on my back or my left side.
Left side sleeper = BOY!

14. Are you clumsy or dizzy?
Yes... My boss frequently thinks I'm going to faint, but I just stumble a lot or lose my balance. 
Dizzy = BOY!

15. Which boobie is bigger?
Thank goodness they are both bigger!!! My days of wearing a 32A are behind me! (At least for now!) 
However, my left is noticeably bigger, so much so that Matt even noticed.  At least I don't look like this.... 
Left Breast bigger = BOY!

16. Do you have headaches?
Yes! And they are terrible lately! And I know it's not a caffiene headache... Because I've gone 15+ weeks without caffiene. On a side note, can I just say thank you to coca cola for making caffiene free diet coke? 
Headaches = BOY!

17. Are you craving meats and cheeses?
Actually, my very first craving hit at just over 4 weeks into the pregnancy.  Salami, cheese, and crackers.  Needless to say, my hubby was more that pleased to eat his share too :) 
I <3 meat = BOY!

18. The draino test: if you mix draino in with your pee and it changes to a certain color, your supposedly able to tell the sex.
Now... Every website that lists this test also lists that the combination of urine + draino can cause really harsh fumes, that it could even cause an explosion!
I did not try this one... I've seen too many Wile E. Coyote explosions....

So.. Let's recap.

Boy: 14
Girl: 3

Quite a difference in the numbers... Now to wait until July to see if they were true!!!

Of course none of these have any science behind them... A woman carries her baby based on the baby's position or size and based on her tummy muscles prior to pregnancy, any kind of hormonal change can cause skin issues, the fetal heart rate can change minute to minute based on multiple fetal studies, and some ladies just get sick more than others!  But isn't it fun to guess?! :) 

***Discalimer : Matt and I will be happy with a little boy or a little girl.  Whatever baby we are lucky enough to have will fit right in with our family... Whether they want to cowboy or cook, or do both or do neither! We are just excited to meet the little peach!

Did anyone out in the interwebs find these to be true (or false) with their pregnancies?
I'd love to know :) 

As of July 4th, 2014 we have a baby BOY!
so, looks like the old wives know a thing or two about babies!


  1. I did the draino test while turned brown which means boy. That's Deven pregnancy. I did the test outside and I'm tellin' you, it stunk soooo bad. Glad I didn't do the test in the house. Yikes!

    Deven and Steph said the Chinese calendar predicted their babies gender correctly both times.

    It's a mystery those old wives tales. I believe in the 50/50 guess.

    Can't wait to find out the gender Lindsay

  2. I sleep on my left side, carrying low, side to side not a cute belly like you, my whole body is dry lol, salt and vinegar chips are amazing ive been craving salt, and tons of headaches as you know katarina is 100% girl. So I dunno im just so happy ur pregnant and our kids can be friends

  3. Diane, thank goodness I skipped the draino one! And I'm with ya, 50/50 for sure! Good thing we don't bet!!! :)
    Des, I'll have to recap the myths after baby Ingram is born :)

  4. Oh and des, nothing beats those salt and vinegar potato chips! I'm pretty sure I had them for the first time at your house... And I just polished off a bag while reading on the couch... :)

  5. I did 10 of these, and out of that I got 7 boy ones and 3 girl ones. We're having a boy, so I suppose the odds were right? Haha.

    My boy ones were: carrying low, carrying in front, no acne, cold feet, crave salty over sweet, dizziness, and headaches.
    My girl ones were: faster heartbeat, Mayan calendar prediction, and Kyle's gained weight.

    Kind of fun to read and see, haha.

  6. Brit! Very neat, pretty good odds! I especially find the heartbeat one interesting with you as most women say that it was accurate with them!
    Did you have a "feeling" before you knew you were to have a boy?