Friday, September 26, 2014

Bridger - 12 Weeks Old

Hey hoot, 
(Hoot is your new nickname because you make the cutest little cooing sounds that very much sound like a little owl) :) 
Baby boy, I love you so.
I could hold you all day.
My most favorite thing this week is when you fall asleep in my arms.... I melt.

This week you have decided to chew on everything!
Your hands, my hands, your stuffed pony, your blanket...
Everything is going in your mouth!
Your daddy got his first tooth when he was 3 months old and I think you are following suit!
You sure are drooly and you eat everything! 

This week you went shooting with momma and dad.
We go up behind the house and practice shooting our guns - this time we tried out the shotguns and the pistols. 
We bought you the cutest - and safest - ear muffs so you can take part in the shooting fun! 
And you surely did!  You hung out and even fell asleep! (Talk about some good ear protection!!! Who can fall asleep around gunfire!?)

Monday we cleaned house - the house is usually always clean, but it just needed to be vacuumed and tidied up. 
Not to mention the loads of laundry ;) 
So I took some pictures of your nursery to show your adoring fans... 
I'll do a blog on it later but here are some quick pics!
The crib and quilt rack 

The hutch turned diaper changing station - complete with dirty diaper 

The antler coat rack 

Florence the floor bear 

The stuffed animal shelf your dad made 
Your nursery is an offset room/office of our bedroom - it's so nice to have you right there! 

This week you are still loving your toys - grabbing for them and chewing on them!
You are liking your toy mat and baby exerciser more and more! 
We even took the exerciser outside - I think you liked feeling the grass on your tootsies! 

We went into town this week and ran some errands, you know - shopping at costco, eating lunch, riding an elk...

And yesterday, the day you turned 12 weeks, you had your first full laugh!  
Sooo cute! 
I tickle your little armpits and you just laugh and laugh!!!
It is so fun!!! :) 

You fill my days with smiles and laughs... Even tears of joys at times! 
I look around at all the baby items in the living room... And I still can't believe you are my little baby...
How am I so blessed to have you as a son?!
God is sooo good.

Love you little hoot. 
- momma 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bridger - 2 Months Old

Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz (1 month weight : 10lbs 0oz)
Height: 23.5 inches (1 month height : 22 in)
Head: 15.5 inches (1 month head circumference : 15 in)

Eat: Bridger is still exclusively breastfeeding and is still eating like a champ and growing too!  He is in the 54th% for weight, so he isn't a tank... Yet :)  
He is really long (87th%) so his weight is well distributed and he doesn't have any baby rolls.  Although, his sweet little cheekies are getting fuller not to mention his adorable double chin :) 
He nurses about every 3 hours during the day and after he goes to bed he eats about twice, which means he eats a total of 8 times a day.
He still grunts and snorts and slurps.... All things that might be considered bad manners when he is older.. But for now I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sleep: Little Bridger takes two naps a day, both lasting about 2-3 hours! (I know... I'm a lucky momma!) Dad and I have established a nighttime routine, which has made his bedtime pretty easy!  
Between 7-8 he takes a bath (sometimes alone, sometimes with momma and dad) then he gets jammies on and nurses in the rocker while dad reads a few books aloud. 
He is asleep by 9 and then doesn't wake up until about 1 or 2am. 
Then I'll nurse him and he sleeps until about 4 or 5am.  
Then I'll nurse him and he will sleep until 7am.
So, as you can see, with around 9 hours of sleep baby and momma are pretty well rested!

Favorites: Bridger still loves nursing, kisses, being outside, napping on your chest, and conversations with his momma in the morning and with his daddy at nighttime. He is getting really good at telling stories! Some of his new favorites this month are cuddles in his moby wrap, lying on his play mat, going for walks in his stroller - he absolutely loves his walks, bath time, riding on the 4wheeler and sitting in his bumbo. He is toying with the idea of liking his swing, but it comes and goes :).  He loves to sit up so that he can look around at everything.  His most favorite time of the day is morning time - between the hours of 5-11am he is sooooo happy :) His favorite toy is a little Sophie the giraffe chew toy.  Not the real Sophie, but a little miniature one that he can hold and sometimes get to his mouth.  His favorite jammies are his swaddle sacks.  He loves to be swaddled at night time. 

Dislikes: Bridger still doesn't like sitting in a wet or dirty diaper nor does he like getting clothes on or off.  This month he decided he doesn't like the "aftermath of the afterbath" as we call it.  He loves his baths,  but he doesn't like getting out of them.  He cries the moment he gets into his towel, all through getting his diaper and jammies on, and finally settles down for his last nursing of the day.  He also doesn't like being in his car seat if it is sitting still.  

August 6 - first road trip to California 
August 7 - first time at Papa and Nonnie Ingrams, first time meeting the Lombardis! 
August 8 - first time meeting Aunt Brittney and Uncle Heath and Nina.  Also first time meeting the Ingram side of the family. 
August 11 - first trip to papa dans work, first time at Nina's house
August 15 - first walk in Morro Bay
August 19 - first time at Aunt Brittneys House
August 20 - first plane ride!
August 21 - first ATV ride
August 23 - first horse ride with dad! (Also first ride on Chloe) 
August 25 - first time in bumbo seat
August 26 - first walk in the stroller as a "big boy"
August 27 - first tractor ride
August 31 - first camping trip, first campfire, first time meeting the Clark side of the family

Little Bridger, 
You are the best little babe!
You have the cutest little bald head and the most fabulous toothless grin!
Not to mention the most amazing dimples!
You have the most adorable voice - your coos and laughs are louder and you talk more and more every day!
You have the longest eye lashes.  Your hair is coming in and it looks blonde. 
You have the biggest blue eyes - they are so happy :)
You are growing so tall and have little turkey legs! 
You have grown out of most 0-3 month clothes and are in 3-6 month clothes - you are just so long! 
You love cuddling with mom and dad, and we sure love cuddling with you! 
You make the cutest noises when you stretch - and hold your breath and your face turns bright red!  You scrunch up your face and put your arms straight up like superman! It is sooo cute!
You are the greatest baby - so cute and fun and I just can't get enough of you! 
I love spending my days with you - I look forward to waking up with you at all hours of the night and can hardly let you nap during the day!
You make your momma an dad so happy and so proud!
Love you always baby!
- Momma

Bridger - 11 Weeks Old

Hey sweet stuff!
Did you know momma loves you!?
Good... Just checking :)

This week we spent a lot of time at home!
We canned and cleaned and then canned some more and cleaned some more!
And we played and we napped and then we walked and we napped some more!

You helped momma pick plums (you actually just talked her ears off with your cutest little baby jabbering!) and then she made plum jam and puréed plum baby food.

You have been wanting to sit up lately and look around at everything so we decided it was it was time to try your activity center - aka the baby exerciser!
You thought it was the best. Thing. Ever. (Excluding your momma of course... And your dad) :)
You loved sitting straight up by yourself and you loved stretching out those little turkey legs of yours!
You smiled and giggled and squealed.... It was the best :)

We spent a lot of time outside this week enjoying the last bits of warmth.
You are still loving your stroller rides and will even just enjoy sitting in your stroller when it's not being pushed, as long as you can watch the ponies or the cows or your momma.

Don't worry, when the snow and cold weather come, we can still make it outside... 
We will just bundle you like a little Eskimo baby! 

This week I feel like you have gained pounds and pounds!
You don't look any different and your still in the same clothes that you fit into last week, but this week you feel heavy!
I picked you up one morning and you felt heavy and you were so long and just so big!
My little monster is not so little anymore! 
Momma is so sad, but she is so proud of you for growing so big and strong!
When you are so big and so strong and don't want your momma always tagging along... Just remember who made you so big and strong ;)

Our days are filled with baby laughs and coos and snorts and slurps and farts and giggles and love.... Filled with LOTS of love!

Every day with you is a blessing my sweet peach!
Your daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know!

Bridger - 10 Weeks Old

Hey little peach fuzz!
My how you are growing!
So fast and so big!

This week you have learned a new skill... DROOLING!!!
And lots of it!
But the drool is accompanied by bubbles... And bubbles are cute... So we will take the drool!
The drool also means you need a bib.. So we have a reason to break out the bandana bibs I made the week before your arrived!

This week you also have been grabbing at your toys on your play mat!
Grabbing them and then drooling on them... ;)
I'm glad you are Iiking your play mat more!  
I'll have to make you some more toys to hang from it once you get bored with the current ones!

You also have been liking toys that are set out in front of you... You look at them, and smile....
Oh your sweet sweet smile baby boy :) 

Because of your newfound curiosity with your toys, I set up the play nest that grandpa Garth bought for you... And you stuck with your guns and loved it too!
You can't quite reach the toys on this play mat as they are too far above you, but you sure do look at them with wonder in your eyes. 

This week you have also been "standing" a lot!
When momma or dad is holding you, you push your legs and make yourself stand!  
Your legs are so strong we even help you dance... And then you giggle and giggle! 
Oh you are just so much fun!

We were invited to our first play date!
We met some gals and babes over at a friends house.
It was great to see other mommas and everyone loved you!
You are such a good were smiling or sleeping the whole time :)

You are still loving your puppies - and they love you!
May takes full advantage when dad lets her get close!
Chloe knows no boundaries of personal space BUT she won't lick you :)
And casso normally keeps his distance unless he decides to walk by and lick the back of your head!

You still love your morning walks and so does momma!
I love spending every minute with you. 

You are growing so fast baby... You are almost not an infant any more!!!
These past 10 weeks have gone by so fast... Soon it'll be 10 months and then 10 years...
This momma might be a little too attached to let you get that old... ;) 

Keep learning and exploring and smiling and giggling and loving little boy.
Love you forever!

Bridger - 9 Weeks Old

Hey ham bone!
Momma is soooooooo in love!
With you!!!

This week started off with your first camping trip to attend your grandpa Garth's memorial service.
We woke up early, dropped off the dogs at Kerry's and drove down to Logan Canyon - a favorite place of your grandpas!
(Not before stopping at Carls Jr - another favorite of papa Garth's)
We set up camp and started getting ready for the service.
Your aunt Brittney and uncle Heath camped right next to us.
They brought along 4 of your cousins - Tess, Addison, Ally and Bree.
They brought taco spaghetti for dinner (you guessed it - one of papa Garth's faves)
We also had s'mores and roasted starburst - a Garth invention.
Your great aunts and uncle arrived along with theirs spouses and a couple of their kids.
Then we began the service.
We each took turns recalling memories or expressing feelings.  
You even shared a bit - you cried, you smiled, and you giggled - things we all did thinking about my dad... 
It was nice to see everyone and to hear stories of my dad...
But it was very sad to be camping without him.

You slept in your first tent - you did pretty well too!
For being just 2 months old, you only woke up twice.
It was below 40* at nighttime, so I kept you bundled up.
But the ground was a bit hard - dad said we will get a pad for you and me ;) 
(Don't worry... We ain't sissys....)

This week we helped your dad out at Hill City.
He went to check on the cattle water and ended up having to move them all to another field.
So we drove May and Poncho out and they helped your dad move the cows with much more ease. 
We helped move the back of the herd on foot and then once they caught up with the rest of them, we hung out in the truck. 

You and I have been doing a lot of canning this week!
We canned 90lbs of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce, chili sauce and salsa.
We canned 90lbs of peaches into peach halves, peach jam and peach purée baby food.
And we canned 60lbs of pears into pear halves, pear honey, cinnamon pears and pear purée baby food.
I'm so excited to have you taste the baby food... But we have to wait a few more months still. 

You spent some quality time with your doggies - they sure love you!

You also drove your first truck (with dad) when we went out to hill city later on in the week to check the cows dad moved earlier in the week.
We rode the 4 wheeler with him.
You looked like a baby straight out of "Fresh Prince" ... But you didn't let your coolness stop you from having quite the nap. 

When we got home from hill city you took your first big boy bath in your own bath tub!
You LOVED it!
I can't wait to take you swimming next summer! 

You are the funnest little buddy!
You are always up for anything - not like you have a choice really, but you never complain!
You are always game for momma and dads crazy adventures! 

Love you so much precious boy!