Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bridger - 11 Weeks Old

Hey sweet stuff!
Did you know momma loves you!?
Good... Just checking :)

This week we spent a lot of time at home!
We canned and cleaned and then canned some more and cleaned some more!
And we played and we napped and then we walked and we napped some more!

You helped momma pick plums (you actually just talked her ears off with your cutest little baby jabbering!) and then she made plum jam and puréed plum baby food.

You have been wanting to sit up lately and look around at everything so we decided it was it was time to try your activity center - aka the baby exerciser!
You thought it was the best. Thing. Ever. (Excluding your momma of course... And your dad) :)
You loved sitting straight up by yourself and you loved stretching out those little turkey legs of yours!
You smiled and giggled and squealed.... It was the best :)

We spent a lot of time outside this week enjoying the last bits of warmth.
You are still loving your stroller rides and will even just enjoy sitting in your stroller when it's not being pushed, as long as you can watch the ponies or the cows or your momma.

Don't worry, when the snow and cold weather come, we can still make it outside... 
We will just bundle you like a little Eskimo baby! 

This week I feel like you have gained pounds and pounds!
You don't look any different and your still in the same clothes that you fit into last week, but this week you feel heavy!
I picked you up one morning and you felt heavy and you were so long and just so big!
My little monster is not so little anymore! 
Momma is so sad, but she is so proud of you for growing so big and strong!
When you are so big and so strong and don't want your momma always tagging along... Just remember who made you so big and strong ;)

Our days are filled with baby laughs and coos and snorts and slurps and farts and giggles and love.... Filled with LOTS of love!

Every day with you is a blessing my sweet peach!
Your daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know!

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