Friday, September 26, 2014

Bridger - 12 Weeks Old

Hey hoot, 
(Hoot is your new nickname because you make the cutest little cooing sounds that very much sound like a little owl) :) 
Baby boy, I love you so.
I could hold you all day.
My most favorite thing this week is when you fall asleep in my arms.... I melt.

This week you have decided to chew on everything!
Your hands, my hands, your stuffed pony, your blanket...
Everything is going in your mouth!
Your daddy got his first tooth when he was 3 months old and I think you are following suit!
You sure are drooly and you eat everything! 

This week you went shooting with momma and dad.
We go up behind the house and practice shooting our guns - this time we tried out the shotguns and the pistols. 
We bought you the cutest - and safest - ear muffs so you can take part in the shooting fun! 
And you surely did!  You hung out and even fell asleep! (Talk about some good ear protection!!! Who can fall asleep around gunfire!?)

Monday we cleaned house - the house is usually always clean, but it just needed to be vacuumed and tidied up. 
Not to mention the loads of laundry ;) 
So I took some pictures of your nursery to show your adoring fans... 
I'll do a blog on it later but here are some quick pics!
The crib and quilt rack 

The hutch turned diaper changing station - complete with dirty diaper 

The antler coat rack 

Florence the floor bear 

The stuffed animal shelf your dad made 
Your nursery is an offset room/office of our bedroom - it's so nice to have you right there! 

This week you are still loving your toys - grabbing for them and chewing on them!
You are liking your toy mat and baby exerciser more and more! 
We even took the exerciser outside - I think you liked feeling the grass on your tootsies! 

We went into town this week and ran some errands, you know - shopping at costco, eating lunch, riding an elk...

And yesterday, the day you turned 12 weeks, you had your first full laugh!  
Sooo cute! 
I tickle your little armpits and you just laugh and laugh!!!
It is so fun!!! :) 

You fill my days with smiles and laughs... Even tears of joys at times! 
I look around at all the baby items in the living room... And I still can't believe you are my little baby...
How am I so blessed to have you as a son?!
God is sooo good.

Love you little hoot. 
- momma 

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  1. I adore his nursery!! I miss G being so small but every stage brings its own sense of wonder and I wouldn't trade a moment. Enjoy all those baby snuggles!