Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bridger - 10 Weeks Old

Hey little peach fuzz!
My how you are growing!
So fast and so big!

This week you have learned a new skill... DROOLING!!!
And lots of it!
But the drool is accompanied by bubbles... And bubbles are cute... So we will take the drool!
The drool also means you need a bib.. So we have a reason to break out the bandana bibs I made the week before your arrived!

This week you also have been grabbing at your toys on your play mat!
Grabbing them and then drooling on them... ;)
I'm glad you are Iiking your play mat more!  
I'll have to make you some more toys to hang from it once you get bored with the current ones!

You also have been liking toys that are set out in front of you... You look at them, and smile....
Oh your sweet sweet smile baby boy :) 

Because of your newfound curiosity with your toys, I set up the play nest that grandpa Garth bought for you... And you stuck with your guns and loved it too!
You can't quite reach the toys on this play mat as they are too far above you, but you sure do look at them with wonder in your eyes. 

This week you have also been "standing" a lot!
When momma or dad is holding you, you push your legs and make yourself stand!  
Your legs are so strong we even help you dance... And then you giggle and giggle! 
Oh you are just so much fun!

We were invited to our first play date!
We met some gals and babes over at a friends house.
It was great to see other mommas and everyone loved you!
You are such a good were smiling or sleeping the whole time :)

You are still loving your puppies - and they love you!
May takes full advantage when dad lets her get close!
Chloe knows no boundaries of personal space BUT she won't lick you :)
And casso normally keeps his distance unless he decides to walk by and lick the back of your head!

You still love your morning walks and so does momma!
I love spending every minute with you. 

You are growing so fast baby... You are almost not an infant any more!!!
These past 10 weeks have gone by so fast... Soon it'll be 10 months and then 10 years...
This momma might be a little too attached to let you get that old... ;) 

Keep learning and exploring and smiling and giggling and loving little boy.
Love you forever!

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