Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bridger - 9 Weeks Old

Hey ham bone!
Momma is soooooooo in love!
With you!!!

This week started off with your first camping trip to attend your grandpa Garth's memorial service.
We woke up early, dropped off the dogs at Kerry's and drove down to Logan Canyon - a favorite place of your grandpas!
(Not before stopping at Carls Jr - another favorite of papa Garth's)
We set up camp and started getting ready for the service.
Your aunt Brittney and uncle Heath camped right next to us.
They brought along 4 of your cousins - Tess, Addison, Ally and Bree.
They brought taco spaghetti for dinner (you guessed it - one of papa Garth's faves)
We also had s'mores and roasted starburst - a Garth invention.
Your great aunts and uncle arrived along with theirs spouses and a couple of their kids.
Then we began the service.
We each took turns recalling memories or expressing feelings.  
You even shared a bit - you cried, you smiled, and you giggled - things we all did thinking about my dad... 
It was nice to see everyone and to hear stories of my dad...
But it was very sad to be camping without him.

You slept in your first tent - you did pretty well too!
For being just 2 months old, you only woke up twice.
It was below 40* at nighttime, so I kept you bundled up.
But the ground was a bit hard - dad said we will get a pad for you and me ;) 
(Don't worry... We ain't sissys....)

This week we helped your dad out at Hill City.
He went to check on the cattle water and ended up having to move them all to another field.
So we drove May and Poncho out and they helped your dad move the cows with much more ease. 
We helped move the back of the herd on foot and then once they caught up with the rest of them, we hung out in the truck. 

You and I have been doing a lot of canning this week!
We canned 90lbs of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce, chili sauce and salsa.
We canned 90lbs of peaches into peach halves, peach jam and peach purée baby food.
And we canned 60lbs of pears into pear halves, pear honey, cinnamon pears and pear purée baby food.
I'm so excited to have you taste the baby food... But we have to wait a few more months still. 

You spent some quality time with your doggies - they sure love you!

You also drove your first truck (with dad) when we went out to hill city later on in the week to check the cows dad moved earlier in the week.
We rode the 4 wheeler with him.
You looked like a baby straight out of "Fresh Prince" ... But you didn't let your coolness stop you from having quite the nap. 

When we got home from hill city you took your first big boy bath in your own bath tub!
You LOVED it!
I can't wait to take you swimming next summer! 

You are the funnest little buddy!
You are always up for anything - not like you have a choice really, but you never complain!
You are always game for momma and dads crazy adventures! 

Love you so much precious boy! 

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  1. Lindsay, I'm so glad you have a happy life and family. Motherhood suits you well and you've got you some good lookin' fellas that love you! you're one lucky gal~