Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bridger - 8 Weeks Old

Hey little peach, 

It is almost scary how much you look like your dad! 
We lovingly called you the little peach because that's your dad's nickname but we had no idea how accurate that nickname would be! 
Your baby pictures are almost identical and when he holds you it's as if he is holding himself just 30 years ago! 
This is your daddy when he was a baby!

It will be so exciting to see how your looks will change and to see if you'll continue to be a mini Matt :)
This week I realized you even have stinky feet like his!!!
You also burp, fart and cry like he does, but we won't tell him I said that ;)
I'm not sure how you act like me yet or if you look at all like me...
You have long eyelashes - but your dad and I both have long lashes so you were destined to.
The hair that you were born with looks reddish, but the new hair coming in is blonde as can be!
You have peach fuzz little peach... You are the cutest little peach ever :) 

Your blue eyes are starting to turn from newborn blue to baby blue - I could look into them all day. 

This week you rode your first horse! 
You rode Tic with dad - and you loved it.
Momma didn't let you ride very long, but I'm sure you would have loved to ride longer and that you would've eventually fell asleep as the horse walked along!
You also rode Chloe bareback - she was quite the bronc and went to buckin right away... But I caught you!  
Momma will always be there to help you out little man... Always

You wore the most handsome button down onesie to church and you looked so dapper - you blended in with all the other plaid shirts and jeans.  But you sure were the best dressed ;)

You took your first sit in the bumbo chair this week.
You sat in it for about 5 minutes and then told me you had enough.  
But you sure loved sitting straight up all by yourself. 
You loved being able to look around.

We went on many walks this week, and you are continuing to love your stroller. 
Which is extra motivating for momma to get out and run.
Cause boy she needs it!

You helped pull the hot heels around for dad and I - we took turns roping it while you drove it in circles for us.
You fell asleep at the wheel, but you can blame you?!  That bumpy arena would put anyone to sleep.

Your dad and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. 
We had cake and watched the video of our wedding day.
This anniversary has been the best yet... Because we were able to spend it with you!

This week you even rode your first tractor!
Dad had to pull the pivots out of the mud so we went along to help!
You rode with him in the tractor and I drove the truck to the gear box to help dad get those pivots moving. 
We stayed out there with him and drove from pivot to pivot until you fell asleep.
Then I went back to the house so you could get a good nap. Later we went back out and helped him - you fell asleep on the job again... 
You sure are a hard worker :) 

You wrapped up your week by hanging out with your first girl friend. :)
You and Vivienne did a little hand holding all on your own accord!
We were just there to snap pictures. 
You seemed a bit shy as you two wouldn't look at each other, but you sure liked holding hands and hanging out next to each other. 
Just know that no woman will ever love you the way your momma does ;)

You are still sleeping well and eating well!
You are growing so big - I can't wait to see your weight and height at your next dr apt. 
Soon you will be 2 months old!
Where has all the time gone?!

You are the best little baby - I enjoy every minute with you.
Whether it be when your giggling, crying, pooping, pulling my hair, drooling on me.... Every moment is my favorite moment. 
I am so lucky that your daddy works so hard - his hard work allows me to stay home with you!
And now that I get to spend every day with you, I can't imagine not spending my days with you.
You are wonderful, you are perfect.
I'm so blessed to be able to call you my boy.

Love you baby boy. 
Love you always and forever.
- your momma 

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  1. Because I totally adore you and your precious family (and your blog of course) I wanted to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award. You can find out about your nomination at my blog. I also must say that your little man wears plaid like nobody's business. Love it!