Thursday, October 10, 2013

Daily Discovery #1 : Crazy Families

Everyone has a crazy family 

Thank goodness I'm not the only one! :)

All families are different and they are all dealing with something.
Something odd, something terrible, something heart wrenching, something... different. 

The more you talk to people, I mean really talk to people, the more you find out that YOU are not alone.

I am not the only one who watched alcohol destroy lives
I am not the only one who had to bury their parent at the age of 18
I am not the only one who struggles with building up broken family relationships on a less-than-mediocre foundation
I am not the only one who has mental illness in their close family
I am not the only one who has battled disease after disease with family members

And I am not the only one who feels sad, angry, bitter, dejected, embarrassed.
I am not the only one who feels hurt, broken, lost.

And knowing that I am not the only one, I start feeling normal
I start feeling empowered, I start feeling like I'll be ok.

I discovered that I am part of a bigger family than just my little one; I am part of a family that has LOTS of problems. But we are all in it together! 

We have all gone through experiences in our lives that make us who we are, that make us unique.
But there are others out there that have gone through, are going through, or will go through the same thing, that will struggle with the same problem!
And if given the opportunity, sharing our life experiences with others is something that can benefit everyone! 
Whether you survived or are struggling, it's so nice to hear that you are not alone.
And  it's so nice to see that someone lived through the problem that you are dealing with now! 
Someone made it through, and is better for doing so.
And so can you. 

We don't always like hearing other people talk about their lives.
In fact, sometimes it makes us angrier having to listen to them!
What do they know?! 
A lot! They were there too! 
It might not be an identical situation, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

When I talk with someone about alcoholism or depression or suicide or funny family problems, they almost always have a similar story. And I feel better after talking with them. 
And I'm sure they do too.
I never mind sharing personal information knowing that it could help someone.
And I hope you find the same thing to be true, because the person you might help could even be me! 

So remember, everyone has a crazy family. 


  1. Aweee Lindsay, this post took me back several years when we hung out together in my home...oh how I loved you ;) and still do.

  2. I don't know if i would've made it through a lot of things without you guys! Love you too! :)