Monday, November 3, 2014

17 Weeks Old

Hey Charlie!
Or Bridger Brown as we lovingly nick named you this week!

This week you went to a Halloween party at the sherbine house!
You were the littlest one there but you were such a good baby! 
Next year you'll be able to play a little more, go down the slide and such. 
You sure were a cute little hunter! 

This week your daddy went on a hunting trip with uncle Larry in Montpelier. 
They were hunting for cow elk. 
Your daddy said it was very cold and even snowy!

We sure did miss him while he was gone!
(Although it was nice to have the bed to ourselves!) :)

This week you celebrated your first Halloween! 
You loved the little pumpkin we got for you - it was Bridger sized! 
And of course, you thought it was a great thing to chew on!
On Halloween day you ran some errands with mom and then stopped in hailey for a little bit of trick or treating. 
You even were in a costume contest. 
(You didn't win... But those judges were crazy!!! How could they pass up Bridger Brown!! Pure insanity!)
You also trick or treated at Duane and Gloria's - he gave you your first candy! 
He got tootsie pops especially for you, so of course we had to let you try it! 
And man, you sure loved a little bit if that orange sucker!
I'm telling you, if anyone were to find out how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of the tootsie pop, it'd be YOU! 
And after just a few little licks your drool sure kicked in and you salivated like crazy! 

You are just getting so big!
Each day your little personality comes out more and more!
You're such a ham bone.
You have the cutest laugh.
And the sweetest smile. 
We love you little Bridger boy!

Yours always, 

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