Monday, November 3, 2014

16 Weeks Old

Hey mini stud muffin!

You are the sweetest lil muffin around I tell ya!

This week you went to a wedding. 
Our friends dale and Larissa got married down at silver creek. 
It was a very nice ceremony and you were a true gentleman!  Didn't cry a peep!
It got a bit cold so we didn't stay long, but you sure looked handsome! 
We even got some family pics taken by Pastor Kimball since we were all showered up and lookin spiffy!

We have been helping dad leg up his horses this week, and have been dragging the roping dummy for him.
You enjoy it as it's outside (and we all know how much you loooove being outside) and it's a little bumpy so when you get dissinterested in going in circles, you just fall asleep in mommas arms.

This week something HUGE happened!
You rolled over!
You have been working on it for days now, but your arm was always in the way!
This week, you figured out how to move that pesky arm out of the way and you rolled from your back all the way over to your belly!
We are so proud!  
Momma is a bit sad as it means you are getting so big!!!
But she is so happy that you are growing and learning....
Just don't crawl too soon ok?!

This week you also found your feet! 
They are your bestest of friends now... Only second to that cute little boy in the mirror! 
This new joy of yours makes it hard to put your diaper on, your pants on, put you in the car seat....
But it is so cute that I'll let all that slide. 
You are just so happy when those two little dirty dogs find their way into your hands! 

You are liking playing in your baby armchair this week. 
It's a little bumbo like seat with toys all around it - uncle Jess gave it to you!
It's not really an armchair, but when you sit in it you look so big and sit so straight up that it reminds me of an armchair. :) 

You have begun to suck on your fingers and thumb a bit more this week. 
To be honest, momma was a bit concerned... It's a lot harder to take away fingers than it is to take away a Pacifier. 
But after reading a lot online, it turns out that you are actually likely a problem solver... As you have figured out how to self soothe. 
And that you will eventually stop sucking your fingers or thumb.... Even if it takes till kindergarten for you to do so.
And that it won't hurt your teeth unless you're still sucking them when you get your adult teeth in. 
But I'm sure you won't be doing that... :) 

Your momma turned 28 this week! :o
Soo old! :) 
It was her best birthday yet - she was able to spend it with her two favorite boys! 

We sure do love you little man - you are so sweet... Such a lover. 
I look forward to every day, whether it starts at 5am or ends at 11pm... I love spending my days cuddling your sweet cheekies. 

Love you Bridger boy, 
Your momma 

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