Sunday, May 4, 2014

28 Weeks (or perhaps its 31 weeks...)

28 Weeks: 7 Months!!!
(Month 7 is Weeks 28-31)
Baby will be here in 60 days from today!!!

You know baby is getting big when ...
1. it takes up both of matts hands
2. it barely fit on its half of the picture! 

How Far Along: 31 weeks exactly - 60 days to go per my baby countdown app on my phone... crazy!
Weight Gain/Loss: +6lbs more, total gain of 33lbs, totaling 155lbs.
The other day i decided i needed to conduct an experiment.  Said experiment would be to stand on the scale while matt held up my boobs... I swear these things have grown so much its insane!  How i wish i was back to my A cup!  So, the experiment was held and with matt holding up the girls, the numbers on the scale read 150!!!!  FIVE POUNDS OF BOOBS!
Maternity Clothes: Yes!  I finally found some cute (second hand) old navy maternity bootcut jeans that fit splendidly!  I no longer wear real pants that are not maternity.  My lounge/yoga pants still fit fine, but  the only prepregnancy jeans i wear are the ones seen in the above picture... and only for the monthly pictures.  I love that they still fit... they are far from buttoning, but i can pull them all the way up my hips :)
Sleep:  Sleep isnt too terrible... i of course have the hourly potty break, but i usually fall right back asleep.  I am beginning to notice that I am more short of breath than my asthmatic lungs normally make me, and i attribute it to my rather large uterus that is now 5 inches above my belly button...
Best Moment This Week/Month: My baby shower was pretty awesome... i still need to blog on that btw... check back soon.  And of course hearing our babies heartbeat is pretty much the best moment of every week.
Miss Anything: Matt has been branding lately, and im SOO missing roping.
Although, a friend of mine pointed out that my belly wouldn't allow me to dally....
good point trevor... good point. 
Movement:  They say that by now movements should actually be decreasing in strength as the baby is getting too big for kicks and punches, and can only poke out its knees and elbows.  I beg to differ.
This baby is still kicking, or doing something very hard...
Im pretty sure its trying to escape.
Oh... and it did kick my cervix a few times lately... oh my ... so painful.  Made me shoot right up off of the couch!
Not to mention the fact that baby gets hiccups at least 2 times every day...
Movement? I think so...
Food Craving:  Oatmeal with peaches, Cold cereal, cherry limeade, ovaltine milk, squirt, horchata...
Showing:  Hmmm... do you think so?
Gender Prediction:  A lady told me i was having a boy because my boobs are resting on my belly....  
Labor Signs:  This monday i had my first set of real contractions.
I have been having braxton hicks for a while now, but these little fellas were painful!
They lasted about an hour or so, and came every 5-10 minutes for a duration of about a minute or so.
It was 5:30am when they stopped and baby was still moving around and tap dancing on my bladder, so i figured it was safe to wait until the Dr opened at 8.
I called them, they told me to come in, they checked me out, and baby looked great.
My cervix is super short, but still rock solid.
Way to go cervix... only 5 more weeks until you can start to go... 
Belly Button: Out-ish.  
Wedding Ring: On.  And my feet are still boney.  Hooray for no swelling!
Mood:  Pretty good!  I am just amazed at how fast this baby is coming
(and how big my belly is getting...)
Weekly Wisdom:  Im so glad that the nice spring weather is finally here to stay... now i can wear sandals and i dont have to try to bend over to tie my shoes!
I mean... look at that belly... how on earth am i supposed to bend over?!

Side Notes:
Weeks 28-31 so far have been marvelous... i seriously cannot believe that we are so close to baby being here!  We start birthing classes in 8 days!  Babies nursery is getting so close to done.  My house is pretty dang clean, and im starting to get some freezer meals prepared.
Baby Ingram is a'coming!!!!!

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