Saturday, October 11, 2014

14 Weeks Old

Hey lil nugget, 

We started off this week lovin on some pooches.
You really like how fluffy and soft the doggies are and want to eat them.
And they seem to like you too... But thankfully they aren't hungry like you! 

This week you had a real adventure!
You went to Yellowstone for the first time!
We woke up before the sun and headed out to the park.
Dad and I watched the sunrise while you slept in the backseat. 
We got to Riverside campground right as you were waking up.
Grandpa Garth loved this place and we wanted to visit it for him. 
We even left a little of him behind. 
On our way out of the campground we saw a cow moose!

When we got to Yellowstone we headed up to Mammoth.
You enjoyed walking around and looking at all the wonderful creations God has given us. 
We saw elk, buffalo, deer, eagles, pine trees, water falls, canyons.... 
We love how you enjoy spending time outside!

We helped dad fence this week.  It was time to move heifers to another field and we had some holes to fix. 

Hunting season opened this week, so before we went out lookin for bucks we sighted in our rifles. 
We were pretty on target, so we were excited to hunt! 

The day before the season opened dad asked us if we wanted to go scout for bucks!
Of course we did!
So up into the mountains behind our house we went!
We actually didn't see not ONE deer... But it was a beautiful drive!
Mom had some doubts whether we were going to make it out at all, let alone before dark!!!
But dad twisted and turned on those hairy scary roads and we made it out :)

So the day that buck season opened momma left you for the first time in the care of someone besides your daddy!
You stayed with our friend Kerry while mom went hunting with Trevor and Trey.
Trey got his first buck! 
Mom didn't see anything to shoot, but enjoyed a good hike. 
I was gone for about 5 hours!  And I couldn't wait to get back to you!
You aren't taking a bottle yet, so it was a little tough on you... But Kerry did feed you 4 oz through a medicine dropper!  So I know you didn't starve... But you were very happy to see momma, and momma was so happy to see you too! 

You are wanting to play more and more which is really fun for momma and dad!
We enjoy watching you reach for things and learn and explore! 

Keep being your sweet sweet self little boy!


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