Tuesday, January 6, 2015

13 Weeks Old

Hey Bridger bogey,
(You have a plethora of nicknames... Most which take a lot of explaining to understand...)

This week you discovered how much you like to be naked...
You don't need to be totally nude, just down to your diaper.
But man you are happy to have your clothes off! 
We could post a picture although that would be embarrassing! ;) 

Dad read you a book this week and you actually followed along! Normally you just listen and look out the window or at me, but this time you looked at the pages - it was very cute.

It's starting to get cold here and it rained this week.
We went for a walk in the rain - but you were fully covered in your stroller and all bundled! 
We dress you like a little bear and you stay nice and warm!

We went to town this week and you rode on an elk....

You still love to cuddle and sleep on momma (thank goodness)!
You are loving all your toys now that it's a lot easier for you to grab them and then eat them ;) 
You chew on everything, even momma and dads faces!

You still love love love LOVE the baby in the mirror! He is definitely your best friend. 
And he is super cute. 

It's so fun spending our days together! 
You don't really have a choice, but I think even if you did, you would like your days with me! 
I'm sure you would spend a lot more time with dad too... Riding and roping and driving big machines!!!
I've got to soak up all the momma lovin while I can before you figure out all the fun manly stuff there is to do with dad! 
(But don't worry... Mom likes all that stuff too, so hopefully you'll let her tag along!) 

Love you mr. Man,

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