Tuesday, January 6, 2015

20 Weeks Old

Hey Little Bug, 
First off, kisses from your momma!

This week, we played in the snow some more!
We were lucky enough to have some cold temperatures after the snow came so its hanging around!
Which is good because you sure enjoy being outside in it!

I did decide to make you some scarves this week - you like being outside but sometimes i think your little neck gets cold as its usually the only thing not covered!
Plus, they will work well for drool bibs too but look stylish! :)
We also made you a cardigan onesie for christmas time ... its so cute! I mean handsome... so handsome :)

This week your dad took us on a date!
We went out to our favorite mexican place, Chapalitas in Hailey.
Its been hard getting rid of all dairy in my diet, but lucky enough for me my favorite dish there has no cheese in it!
Arroz con pollo.....mmmmmmm so tasty!
While we were at the restaurant you were chatting up a storm.
Then later, you were screaming with joy... luckily its a kid friendly place and everyone thought you were just too cute! 

Your mommas elk season opened this week, so we have all been scouting for them!
They havent come down into our farm fields yet, so we have been on the lookout.
We have been up and down Little Wood, Fish Creek, and just about everywhere else in south county. 
We saw some far away and thought we would hike out from behind them and meet them at the top of the ridge...
Unfortunately, we were a few ridges away and just didnt have the time to get all the way to them.
(Nor would we have the means to drag it out!!!)
BUT, we did find some gorgeous views and you sure loved being outside!

This week we have also had the company of Sioux, Drake and Bruins doggie.
We are sitting her as her family is on vacation, and you love getting kisses from her. 

You love doing chores with dad, and always enjoy the car ride.
When we stop, you get very sad if we dont get outside the car to help.
So we do.
Or we let you look at the window at least!

Oh my little boy, you are so wonderful.
Every day with you is a gift! 
You are so adventurous now as a wee one, i can only imagine your spirit as you get older!
You are gonna keep momma busy!

Love you bunches babe, 

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  1. Hey Lindsay!

    My name is Portia and I stumbled upon your blog after looking up information about clomid. I just started taking it yesterday. I read your first post about when you started taking it and I could have written that same thing myself. I've also struggled with wondering if I am taking His plan into my own hands. My mom told me that if I'm not meant to have children nothing I do will change that.
    Anyway, I just couldn't quit scrolling through all of your posts. CONGRATS on your baby! I can only imagine how excited you were. It was nice to see that clomid was successful for you and that God gave you the most precious baby boy!! I know He helped me to come across your blog because I was just saying I wished I knew someone who had been through this too.
    Again, congrats and your family and I pray that you continue to be happy and blessed!