Tuesday, January 6, 2015

19 Weeks Old

Hi sweet baby, 
This week started off a bit hard for our family.
Our beloved boxer, Chloe, was having a very hard time.
She quit eating and had a difficult time even walking around the house. 
We decided it was best to let her go. 
Chloe was born on 2.2.2000 so she was 14 1/2 years old!
She had a very good, long life - especially ending it with meeting your sweet face!
She went peacefully and we buried her at one of our favorite spots.  

Im not sure if you are teething, or if perhaps you just werent feeling all that well, but after church on sunday your daddy rocked you to sleep - it has been a while since you fell asleep in your daddys arms.  He didnt even believe that you were alseep, i had to take a picture to show him!

You have started to hold your own sippy cup this week.  
You skipped the whole "lets drink milk from a bottle" thing and went right on to sippy cups!
Hey... whatever floats your boat little captain, im just glad you will drink milk from something!!!!
Itll make the rare date night a little more possible.
But i will say you look just a bit too big holding that cup... stop. growing. :)

You are still loving your bath time!
You just love sitting in the warm water telling stories to us!
And you love the fuzzy green towel your Auntie Manda made you!  
You curl right up into it when you get out of your bath!
And lately, you just laugh and giggle and scream... uh, so cute!

This week you also met SisterPants up close and personal.
Youve met all the dogs, but you dont always get to spend quality time with them as they are still a bit too rambunctious for you.  
But sweet sis, she came inside and let you love alllll over her!
You grabbed her ears, tried to eat her face, pulled on her jowls... you basically mauled her with love.
And she enjoyed every second!

We also had our first snow this week - at first it was just a light dusting but then later on in the week we got a few inches!
And oh boy, you sure do love it!
We all know you love being outside, but most people dont enjoy being outside in the cold.
You, on the other hand, thought it was just a ball!  
Hopefully we will get much much more for your first winter!

Unfortunately, this week we discovered you were allergic to dairy.
Not lactose intolerant, allergic to the dairy protein.
So mom will cut out all dairy from her diet and hopefully your little tummy will return to its happy little self!

I cant wrap my head around how fast you grow!
Every day you seem to be just a smidge bigger, and everyday you learn something new!
And everyday, you steal mommas heart.
You take her heart and you fill it up with your sweetness until its pouring out everywhere.
You are the happiest little baby... you are simply a joy to be around.
I am so blessed to call you mine.

I love you sweet pea, 
Your momma.

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