Friday, July 4, 2014

36 weeks (39 weeks in reality!!!!)

I have taken the "9 month pics" but I haven't had time to get them off my camera just yet...
But they will be coming,  I promise! 

Until then, here are some of our wonderful maternity pics! 
(Courtesy of Christine Olsen Photography!) 

How Far Along: 39 weeks, 5 days! We are hoping baby shows that sweet little peach face sometime this week, although it may take till the 14th of July for induction to convince this little sweetie that it should join us here in the outside world. 
Weight Gain/Loss: +4lbs , total gain of 41lbs, totaling 165lbs.  Goodness please let this be my max!
Maternity Clothes: That's a big fat yes.... Have you seen this belly?  I'm not even sure Matt's shirts would cover it completely...
Sleep: the last few weeks sleep has been terrible!  I was still feeling good, but sleep was not easy to come by.  I was never tired enough to fall asleep and when I finally did I would wake up every hour until I got out of bed.  Currently, it's 2:23am and I haven't yet fallen asleep.... I know they say sleep before the baby comes, but it's not like it's a choice!  I would choose sleep over sitting alone in the living room in the dark, trust me. 
Best Moment This Week/Month: Having our maternity pics taken and seeing the lovely shots!  So glad I decided to have my friend Christine take some photos for us!  
Miss Anything: because I'm past 39 weeks, I was told I can hike, walk, etc.  so I'm not missing much lately as im allowed to be active again! (although hiking at 39 weeks pregnant is surely different than pre baby bump!)  I do miss sleeping.  And I miss being able to tie my own shoes... 
Movement:  Baby has been in the same position for about the last 5 weeks - head down, facing my spine, back towards the right side of my belly button and one knee just under my left rib.... It doesn't move much from this spot, but it pushes it's little body against my uterus like it's protesting it's captivity.... I just wonder why it's still in there if it's so unhappy about it?! :)
Food Craving:  Popsicles and smoothies... Something cold and icy and thirst quenching. 
Dont forget, it is JULY!  Im sure EVERYONE wants a popsicle 
Showing:  Perhaps just a bit... 
Gender Prediction:  I have NO idea, but I'm excited that we don't have to wait too much longer to find out! 
Labor Signs:  At my 38 week checkup I was 1.5cm dilated - today, my 39+5 check up I'm still 1.5-2cm dilated and 80% effaced.  She swept my membranes... Which I believe is why I am up at 2:30 am instead of semi-sleeping... 
Belly Button: Out... And veiny.... Oh how lovely! 
Wedding Ring: On.  Somehow I've avoided the pregnancy swelling even through week 39!  Yeeeehaw! 
Mood:  Even though I only average about 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I still have great days full of energy and excitement!  I am so ready to meet this little peach! 
Weekly Wisdom:  Having a husband like mine makes this whole pregnancy bit pretty wonderful.... He talks to my belly, he always wants to feel little ninja baby stretch out, he will even tie my boot laces :). I sure do love you Matt! 

Side Notes:
Today is the 4th of July - I'm officially 2 days away from my due date and about 7-9 away from being induced if this little peach remains so shy! 
So... Bottom line... This baby is coming soon people!   Stay tuned!!!! 


  1. I love your maternity pictures. Gorgeous! Hopefully Peaches will come quickly. I believe the sleep cycle we face the last few weeks of pregnancy I'd to help prepare us for the sleep deprivation of infancy. I can't wait to see what Peaches looks like!!!

  2. I love the maternity beautiful~ I'm excited to know if your baby is a boy or girl, but either way it will be the most fantastic thing ever! I'm mostly excited for you to become a Mother, it's the most wonderful thing ever!!!