Friday, July 11, 2014

Bridger - 1 Week Old

Our little one has arrived! 
Bridger Daniel Ingram was born on the Fourth of July at 9:33pm.
He weighed 7 lbs 10.7 oz and was 19" long. 
(there will be a birth story to come!)

And of course, he is perfect. 
Don't believe me? Check him out below :) 

I can't believe my baby boy is one week old already! It has flown by - I'm loving every single second.
I'm still in awe that he is mine, that Matt and I get to keep him and raise him, that with the help of God we actually made him!!! 
I am so incredibly blessed. 
God is so awesome. 

My sweet little ball of Bridger,
Today you are one week old. 
I love you more than I could ever express. The joy I feel in my heart when I hold you is overwhelming - I'm so blessed and so happy to be your momma.
This first week with you at home has flown by.  You are a great little baby - you let momma sleep quite a bit, you eat like a champ (as of today you are only 1 oz away from your birth weight) and you are handsome to boot. 
You make the cutest faces and we even catch you smirking every now and then.  You screech like a pterodactyl when you are hungry and you don't like getting your  clothes changed - you have a pouty little lip that you use on us during most clothing changes.  You snort and grunt when you eat, a sure thing that makes you your dad's son.  Your favorite thing to do with momma is nap on her chest.  You're just so snuggly.  I kiss you so much, and im sure you'll get sick of it soon so im sneaking in as many as i can now! You have the widest blue eyes - you are so alert, everyone comments how awake you are for a newborn.  I love looking into your eyes and wondering what your little mind is thinking! 
Your dad loves holding you and talking to you and singing to you - he daydreams about taking you fishing, camping, riding, teaching you to rope and hunt - all the daddy son things. Your favorite thing to do with dad is cuddle and watch roping videos.  You also enjoy all your daily conversations with him about everything from the ranch to the weather - you are quite intrigued with him. :)
You are growing so fast.  We can't wait to take you on all sorts of adventures! But don't grow up too soon- I'm loving all the baby cuddles and coos. I will be sad when you no longer want to curl up on my chest. You are just the sweetest thing, you have me wrapped around your finger little man.
I love you sweet baby boy. You have made our world. 
- Momma 


  1. Having a baby changes everything for the better. I am so thrilled for you, Matt, and your miracle boy. Still finishing a litle something for you and wishing all the happiness in the world.

  2. He is so beautiful. It makes me yearn for those itty bitty days. I love watching how they change and grow. Soak up every second! I hope you're healing well and I can't wait to read your birth story!

  3. This is making me miss when mine was a baby! Such a little sweetheart!