Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bridger - 4 Weeks Old

Baby boy, 
4 weeks old!!! 
I can't believe it... I know it's hard to keep track of the days when days and nights all run together, but it is crazy to think you  are almost 1 month old!!!
You sure look it tho! You have gained 2 whole pounds since your birth and grown at least 3 inches taller!
This week you had a busy week!
You took your first walk in the rain!  We walked down to the barn to feed the horses after your dad looked online at acuweather and it said rain was 18 minutes away.  Well, it came in about 8 minutes!  You were in the ergo carrier so you didn't get wet at all, but your momma and dad were soaked!  It was very fun :) 
We took your labor and delivery nurses a thank you basket full of healthy and tasty treats.  
Blueberries, strawberries, crackers, nuts, cookies, chocolate, gum and mints - of course complete with a picture of sweet little you! 
None of the nurses we had were there that day but the ones that were just oooed and aweeeed over you :) 
You are just incredibly handsome little man :)
After dropping off the basket you and momma attended a New Moms Group.  There were 6 moms in attendance including me and all babies are sweet little boys! 
It was nice to get out, breastfeed with other moms, talk about sleepless nights and leaky diapers, and talk about all things baby. 
On the way home we stopped at our friend Autumns house and visited with her, Drake and Bruin.  They lovingly gave you lots of adorable clothes and some really fun toys! 
This week we also took your friend Chloe to the vet to have her lymph nodes removed. (Chloe is recovering well!)
While we were down in Pocatello we visited your great aunt Sharon and great uncle Larry.  They just loved our visit and loved meeting you! 
You were a bit overtired when we arrived but calmed down after snacking a bit and then passed out! :). You even napped in Sharon's arms, verrrrrrry relaxed!
We had such a busy week so we will spend much of the weekend resting! 
You haven't been sleeping very well at nighttime as you are constantly hungry - so momma is a bit sleepy in the daytime and likes to cuddle and catnap with you all day :) 
This week you decided you love and need to be swaddled, but only AFTER eating.  You need to have your hands free  when you eat as you like to grab my shirt or , my favorite, rub your hands back and forth over my skin - such a sweet baby. 
You love being outside - we can step outside mid fuss or mid cry and you instantly stop and look around.  Dad loves taking you outside and always tells you while you're looking up into the sky "This is your world Bridger, and you can do anything you want!" It's so sweet to hear him talk to you.
You LOVE taking showers!  You are your most calm during and after a shower. I'm glad you're a water baby :)
You also love my hair dryer, which is lovely as it means after our shower you can sit happily in your bouncer and listen to me dry my hair.  Wish I could say the same for me getting dressed, putting on makeup, etc but we are getting better at developing a normal routine. 
A routine that is easily interrupted for cuddles and kisses! 
You are so handsome, so big, and so so wonderful. 
Keep amazing us every day little boy - keep being your sweet little self :) 
Love you so much, 
- Momma

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