Saturday, June 7, 2014

Whats in My Photos #3

The last few weeks in photos...
things you can infer from these photos...
1. It's obviously summer time!!! Hooray for warm weather (70s in the day, 40-50s at night)
2. We spend a lot of time outside... See number 1. 

Matt riding Oakie with two kelpies in tow...

Two of my favorite people in the whole world.

I think he was telling me about the herd of mule deer we saw climb the hill

Hang ten horseback style bra....

It was a beautiful day!

A crocheted pony from a friend in Florida! Too cute!!! Baby peaches is gonna love it!

Matt and his buddy working the ground at our first calf heifer branding 

Some concerned mommas watching mr Matt...

This belly is still a growing!!!

Matt moving heifers.... A loooooooong line of them!

We might have grass.... But the water is another story!

A baby quilt I made for my friends little girl Vivienne... Hence the "v"

Sneak peak of baby peaches nursery

the pinterest inspired pallet bookshelves i made for baby peaches nursery

My handsome man waiting to be released after I MADE him go to the E.R..... Long story short, he is gonna be just fine - thanks be to god. 

Just a horse pancake...

Oatmeal cookies + this man = one awesome night!

The wild flowers mr Matt picked me on our mineral/salt distributing adventure

Bronc #1 - the colt, Sundre Dash to Par, aka Chip.
Just a young fella, Matt will get him sorted out.

Bronc #2 - the palamino, Streaking Hornet, aka yellow fellow.
He lives up to his name as he is fast, but he bucks better than he runs. 

Matt moving pairs to water

The pineapple plant I'm growing for my grandma :) (if it works...However it already has roots which is very exciting!)

Matt's adventures of building and fixing fence sure do bring back some good pics! 

chloes green eye - she gets ulcers on her cornea and needs bandage contact lenses in order for them to heal.  However, its quite hard to tell if they are in her eye or not, so we dye them green.  Then she looks pretty awesome...

the 9 month mark has been hit!!! 30 day countdown!

matt on Sheeps Bridge... a bridge used by peruvian sheep herders to get their herd across the Big Wood River.... and they used to ride their horses across this thing!!!!

matt didnt let me get too far out on the bridge....

this is why... and this was one of the better parts of the bridge! :)

it was quite the adventure

this is how pregnant women fix fence... and wow you can see my love handles....

That's it for now folks....
What's it your pictures?!