Friday, November 8, 2013

Whats in My Photos? #1

Frankly, my life lately has been a little bit western...

i had a trip to california to visit my :) NINA :) and of course to check in on a few other loved ones...

i also had some family drama happen, both good and bad, but no need to worry...

SO.... needless to say i have been a bit preoccupied and I'm just now finding the time to get on here!!!

So today is a catch up blog!
And what better way to catch you up then with my photos?!?

So, heres what i was up to the last few weeks!!! 

Meet Dee, the newest addition to the Ingram Pack

she is a snuggler, but only while sleeping

She loves her Matt

Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh BAT DOOOOG!

This is who i shared my breakfast with... she sat exactly like this and watched me eat

Our first snow!

Casso was a fan!!! (note the wagging tail)

Visited the Morro Bay Aquarium - hasnt changed since i was a kid! This dude would peek out his little eyes to see if you were throwing fish his way, and then just open his mouth... didnt raise his head, didnt bark, just opened mouth with his eyes still shut. :) 

Sushi with friends at the beloved Yanagis... oh how i miss thine cut rolls...

Me and Bambi... is that insensitive? Ok so it wasn't bambi.. he would be WAY to old to eat! 

Our new bull

At the halloween kids carnival, we were the bullrunner and the bull... he never caught me!

b-e-a-utiful double rainbow

A MOOSE! A BULL moose at that! Under the rainbow even!!

I shall call him bullwinkle 

Mid stalk i scared a little doe who then terrified my moose and they both ran in fright... am i that smelly??

and the thunder rolls...

My niece B and her adorable little teethers!!
(Ignore the flies, we were outside, no big deal...) 

My sister said she was being very quiet, so she went to check on her and found her into the Halloween candy! That is one happy baby!

Matt's Christmas present... Well, I had to give it to him early because he was gonna buy another one!! 

When we were out to breakfast, B found the jam, opened it herself, and proceeded to spoon it into that cute little mouth of hers! She's 20mo... Look out world!

My sis texted me this pic... She was sick, but obviously had lots of healing cuddles from her lovies...

My man and his chainsaw, 'nuff said...

Visited this handsome man after leaving my friend A's house! 

And that is all for now!

What's in your photos?!


  1. So fun to catch up with your life this way!!

  2. Thanks aunt Sharon :) so glad you enjoyed it!