Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Mans Trash....

If you have never heard of Ketchum or Sun Valley Idaho, I would be very surprised.
Not because these places are so fantastic that everyone should know of their splendor and should love them and want to marry them, but because these towns are insanely touristy and spendy.  
They are the Beverly Hills of Idaho.  
Famous for their winter sport scene (ski resorts, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, etc) and their "perfect" summers, these small towns thrive off of tourism.  
The state highway even runs right through the middle of downtown....Stop lights and all....
The population of Ketchum is just over 2,500 people, with Sun Valley only at 1,400.
With such small populations, it is hard to believe that these seemingly tiny towns could draw any significant number of tourists. 
But they do, and they come in droves!

And a few select people call this place home. 
They come with their private jets and their flashy-yet-nature-loving-hug-a-bunny cars, their vegan organic lifestyles, and their highbrowed unapologetic liberalism. 
They build houses for over 1.5 million dollars (this is the average cost to build a home in Ketchum) that they only live in "seasonally".
They rub elbows with stars that also have vacation homes there, stars that include Salma Hayek, Oprah, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis. 
They visit grassroots coffee shops where you have to ask for cows milk, as goat, soy or almond is standard. 
And they also donate all of their trash to little thrift stores in the area.
And this and this alone is why I love the people of Sun Valley and Ketchum.

When in town for work, I frequent the two thrift stores I love, The Attic in Hailey and The Goldmine in Ketchum.
The saying, one mans trash is another mans treasure is so fitting here...
On good days, visiting these stores is like shopping in an outlet mall on Black Friday - an outlet mall with stores like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Express, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, etc.
On bad days, you might come up to the counter with a cutco serving spoon for a buck.
Today, I will be a girl...clothes, shopping, accessories!!! But only because I got them for ridiculous prices people....

My recent finds include...

This lovely J.Crew cashmere cable knit sweater... Mine is blue, but the colors are so bright and fun!
Online price (J.Crew): 198$.  My price: 4$

This fabulous Banana Republic wrap dress... I'm not a huge fan of 3/4 length sleeves because I either push them behind my elbow or try desperately to pull them to my wrist, but this dress was so lovely I bought it. 
Online price (Banana Rebuplic): 98$.   My price: 6$

This comfy pair of Dansko clogs.  Most commonly known in the medical field, Dansko makes a miriad of designs, all with great arch support for all-day comfort.  
Online Price (Nordtstrom): 119$.  My price: 15$

This perfect pair of J.Crew wool trousers.  When I'm working in the office, the owner insists on having the air on at 60* even in the winter!  So a nice wool trouser is definitely a must. 
Online price (J.Crew): 148$.   My price: 6$

This wonderful pair of Bandalino riding boots. (I know, I know, they aren't "riding boots" when compared to what I ride my horses in). Idaho winters are very cold.  When work requires "business casual" but also involves shoveling snow, high heels are out.  Boots are in.  These boots, specifically. 
Online price (Macys): 149$.   My price: 20$

These Button down Pendleton Wool shirts for Matt.  Wool is the best for winter, doesn't stay wet if you're in the snow, but still keeps you warm. And they do look pretty hunky if i do say so myself...
Online price (Pendleton): 148$.  My price: 6$

This sophisticated J.Crew chunky wool cable sweater but in Charcoal Grey.  Matt looks mighty fine it it too, but im a bit biased. And dont tell him its J.Crew, or he might not wear it! 
Online Price (J.Crew): 108$   My price: 8$

So if you are one of those people who think those wolf-loving, tree-hugging, snobby rich folk who live in Ketchum and Sun Valley serve no purpose, visit the thrift stores and you shall see their true gift to mankind.