Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things I Am Proud Of

Revel in the small things, right?
So this week, I am proud that:

1. I have begun my Christmas shopping.  Let the feeling of being broke begin!

Someone might get a yummy candle! :) 

2. I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night.
I've had this stupid cough now for almost 2 weeks, so I must be feeling a slight improvement if I felt the need to bake. They were delish.

3. I also prepared 4 days worth of Matt's breakfast. This way, he doesn't have to cook it at 5:30am and I don't have to either wake up to do it or wake up to the sound of him cursing as he does it... ;) win win if you ask me!

4. I have ordered and received my Christmas cards! Now I just have to address them and send them out... Hopefully this round of cards will look nothing like our wedding thank you cards... Married in 2011, sent out in 2013.... Shame on me! I will be better...

5. I have been very good at the 8x8 rule lately ... That is, drinking 8 ounces of water 8 times a day.
Not sure if i really feel any different being fully hydrated,  but I do get a lot more exercise!! Walking to the bathroom 49 times a day is surely considered a workout!

6. I have successfully converted my husband into a tech geek... He is the master of my laptop! And he can even navigate the iPad.  He now wants a smart phone... Not gonna happen given his history of losing/breaking his cell phone, but I do like that he can google, email, fb, YouTube, etc.  Of course, it is all horse, cattle, ranch or cowdog related but it is much better than when we first met! The man didn't know how to use Microsoft word.... Love him :)

7. I bought yummy candy for someone besides myself!! My sister is in the hospital :( and I had the great pleasure of sending her a Sees Candy get well package - chocolate always makes you feel better, especially scotchmallows, peanut butter patties, and mint patties.... Mmmmm mmmm. Maybe I should've sent myself a sees candy get well package too! 

8. I refrained from karate-chopping a patient in the throat when he told me that i looked sick, tired, and like I hadn't slept in days. Thanks, that's exactly why I got up at 530am to shower, curl my hair and put on makeup, so that I could look like death. What a kind soul you are...

9. I bought the new Bath & Body Works car air freshener.  Now that the Yogi smells like Christmas, I will be motivated to clean it ... Maybe... 

10. My husband made dinner last night and it was totally scrumptious! Pulled Salsa Chicken tacos with black beans... All totally, 100% by himself!  Mmm, can't wait for leftovers tonight! And boy is he proud, he just told me that now I have to thank him for dinner TWICE in a row! And I gladly will, because I can't wait for dinner!

11. Matt got out our Christmas decorations!  As soon as the turkey leftovers begin, so does the decorating!!

12. I can sing along to all the theme songs of the cartoons of my childhood... Here are a few of my faves! 

13. Hubby and I rested on our day of rest.  We were out of power in the morning so we just hung out before church, then attended church, then went to a wonderful Mexican lunch, rented two redbox, and then went home and watched 2 movies in a row!  And hubby even held my hand during the movie. It was a fabulous Sunday.

Amazing movie!!! I would definitely recommend it if you like CIA/investigatory movies
Not very good at all... Funny at times, but absolutely no plot and not the family movie were expecting

14. I wrote this blog... Always something to be proud of! I love love love blogging, i just dont always find the time, so when I do, it's a good day :) 

Remember to be proud of your little, every day accomplishments! 


  1. Lindsay, you are super blogger creative! love reading

  2. Most interesting blog - ever!