Sunday, November 10, 2013

Down With the Sickness

So these past few days I have been sick...
The crud, the cold, the cough, although lung hacking would be more aptly used here...
For the first time in my life I have indeed even lost my voice

I swore that I was melting, that my insides were boiling, so of course in checked my temp...
99.3?!?! No... Couldn't be. I am DYING!!
And I'm not normally this dramatic!!!
Two hours later, 99.5 ... Ok, so I'm NOT dying... Just going through puberty and now my voice either sounds like an 11 year old boy or a 90 year old man...

Anywho... I wanted to tell you about the things that I definitely could not have lived without these past few days.
And just FYI, my hubby is in Montana so I'm particularly bored on top of feeling like my lungs are expiring...

The Sick Essentials:

1. Gilmore Girls : I believe this is my most favorite show ever... I've literally watched 2 whole seasons in about 2 days.  If you've never seen it, start! You will not regret it! A certain wonderful man will even watch it with me. :) 

2. EmergenC : drinking it hot is very soothing

3. Honey : I've been eating it by the spoonful. It coats the throat pretty good and helps your lungs slide out without too much resistance.

4. My fireplace : even the glow makes you feel better

5. Mint Chip Ice Cream : Cold ice cream + throat on fire = sweet relief.  Although I'm pretty sure milk products aren't actually good for your throat - my acapella teacher used to look at my friend Shawntel and I in disgust when we would arrive to our concerts with frappacinos in hand.  On another note, the chocolate chips actually act as little bits of throat scratchers. 

6. Water : hot water, cold water, tap water, Perrier ... Good ol h2o

7. Saltines : you never really get hungry when you feel like there is lava in your windpipe... So eating something that a baby can gum down is always a good choice. 

8. Hubby's button downs : my jammies don't hold a candle to his shirts when he is gone.

9. Tylenol : 2po q6h or bid. (I miss ophthalmology) 

10. My guard dogs : 'Nuff said

I hope you don't catch this crud ... But if you do, try some of these things, they might just help...

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