Sunday, March 23, 2014

20 Weeks

5 Months Along - 20 weeks!!!
(ok so it is more like almost 24 weeks... but its still in the 5th month)

wowza!!! can you believe the difference 20 weeks makes?!
AND this is the first time ive noticed that my butt is bigger... hmmmm

How Far Along: 23w6d - seriously, i know i said this at 4 months, but how is it so hard to just post an update pic once a month?!?
This month has been particularly crazy due to two things: 1. A 6 month old Border Collie pup who now calls the living room home due to her broken femur and its healing process... i swear she is getting me ready for a toddler. 2. Its calving season - full swing.  That means Matt is working 16 hour days at times... so its hard to get anything done that requires him - ie. a photo. 
Weight Gain/Loss: +7lbs more, totaling 140lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Yes!  Ive decided at this point i need maternity pants and maternity jeans to be happy - if i leave the house in regular jeans and a belly band, normally around lunch time i have the desperate need to take off my clothes. This would be highly inappropriate at work, so ive started wearing maternity pants - underbelly or overbelly, i have no preference.  They are much more comfortable, and i can stay in them throughout the day - big plus. My shirts all need to be maternity in order to be long enough to cover the baby belly.  Good thing there are SOO many cute ones out there!  I do need to invest in some maternity pjs... ive been lusting over some at target, i think i need to break down and buy some. 
Sleep:  When i find sleep, its very VERY restful.  Yet lately the baby has been spreading my ribs apart, which always makes sleeping difficult. I swear that little baby is doing jumping jacks or perhaps just doing something like this kid is doing between two walls but instead the baby is doing it between my ribs!  
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Best Moment This Week: (errr... this month) our 21 week ultrasound.  We got to see babys profile, babies leg, babies arms... its the cutest little baby ever :) and im so not biased...
Miss Anything: I miss riding.  Matt has been tagging calves all week, and i wish Oakey and I could go help him.  I miss roping, holding down the baby calves, loping out in the pivot field looking for new babies.  Riding is so cathartic at times, you forget about everything else in the world and just spend the moment with your horse... its so wonderful and i do look forward to getting back on my mare.  I also have a bottle of JLohr in my fridge... it calls to me every so often.  Other than that, i miss sleeping on my belly.
Movement:  LIKE CRAZY!  this baby never stops moving, which is lovely.  And due to the fact that my placenta is attached to the top of my uterus, i feel everything right on my tummy.  Which also makes it easy for Matt to feel it too.  And SEE it!  Sometimes it just sits there and kicks over and over again in the same spot.  We are surprised at how hard it kicks our hands... this little baby is gonna be strong! 
Food Craving:  Im always hungry.  And not for snacks, for meals.  I feel like i belong in the Shire - Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Supper & Dinner.  I so eat all of these meals. However, how did the hobbits skip dessert?!?  
Showing:  Yes.  I love this belly :) 
Gender Prediction:  I keep asking mommas if they "knew" what their first baby was before finding out. Because i dont have a feeling, an instinct, an inclination one way or another.  All i know is that it dances like its daddy and eats like him too. 
Labor Signs:  My cervix at 22 weeks was 3.2cm.  The docs dont like to see it drop below 3.0cm.  So its thinning fairly quick for only being just past half way.  They encouraged rest and days spent horizontal, so im taking their advice.  The couch and i have a great relationship, not to mention ive watched seasons 1-6 of Gilmore Girls in the last month or so... 
Belly Button: Out-ish.  
Wedding Ring: On - i have been cursed with my mothers LARGE knuckles, which makes me take a ring thats a full size too big in order to get it over my knuckle.  I have bony fingers, so once its passed the knuckle, it freely spins around and around - i doubt ill have to take it off, but we shall see.
Mood:  Great - i am tired in the mornings due to lack of sleep (see sleep habits above), but after i get some food in me, im a happy clam.  
Weekly Wisdom:  Dont sit on the floor/ground unless there is something nearby to help you up.  This can include a couch, a tree, a dog... chloe is a lot stronger than she looks :)

Side Notes:
Weeks 20-24 have been marvelous.  I finally stopped getting round ligament pain as my growing uterus has finally stretched the ligaments to the max.  And the rib pain, although very uncomfortable, is a constant reminder that there is a baby in my belly - a healthy, growing baby!!!  I love being pregnant.  I can sit on the couch with my hands on my belly ALL day, just taking it all in.  Of course i'll trade this belly in for a healthy baby when its ready to come out... but in the mean time, ill take this budda belly over being skinny any day! 

I swear this little miracle is by far the COOLEST thing ever! 


  1. I grew up wanting little boys, but when I got pregnant, I was sure both of them were girls. I actually cried several times after finding out they were boys. And I even held out hope to the very end that William was actually a girl!` Most of the old wives tales pointed to William being a girl too! He is our pink lover though :)

  2. How funny!!! Well, maybe your next one will be a little girl :) I've heard stories of my friends being so sad that they found out that they were having the "wrong gender" and even one of my friends was told she was having a girl at every ultrasound, but indeed had a boy. I didn't want to be that "disappointed mom" , and who can be disappointed when they actually give birth to a beautiful baby?! Plus, there are very VERY few secrets and surprises in life... I wasn't gonna miss this one :). Thanks tiff!!!