Friday, February 7, 2014

16 Weeks

4 Months Along - 16 Weeks!!!

(although that tummy does not say mango.. more like a whole bushel of mangoes!)

How Far Along: 16 weeks, 1 day (on 1/19/14) (yes im late at posting this... it is actually surprising how hard it is to get this up on time! im glad i chose to do updates in months and not weeks!!!)
Weight Gain/Loss: +5 lbs more, totaling 133lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yes!  The maternity band is lovely.  My jeans all still fit my thighs and such, they just will not button around this baby!  And maternity shirts are long enough to cover my "openness" down there, so they are my top of choice.
Sleep: Ever since i invested in the Snoogle, sleeping is much better!  I still wake up to pee all the time, and im really trying to sleep on my left side (i read that it is better to do that at this point) However, i still find myself on my belly at times. 
Best Moment This Week: It was a toss up between getting the nursery more complete and having baby announcement photos taken! *thanks Christine!!!*
Miss Anything: Missing sitting down without pain... apparently my pelvic bone has migrated into my tailbone... makes sitting very uncomfortable.
Movement: Not yet... so wanting it tho!
Food Craving: Im always thirsty!  Perrier, Ruby Red Squirt and Caffeine Free Diet Coke.
Showing: Yes! Baby belly is unmistakable now.
Gender Prediction: Old wives tales say boy... i still have no "instinct" on it... all i know is its a baby... :)
Labor Signs: No, praise the Lord!
Belly Button: Even more Out-ish 
Wedding Ring: On
Mood: Great! But i seem more tired now than the last few weeks.
Weekly Wisdom: Im simply amazed at how fast it is going by and im loving being pregnant!
Looking Forward To: My second ultrasound on the 22nd and getting to hear that lovely heartbeat again!

Side Notes: 
On the 22nd (since as mentioned above, im a slacker...) at a little more than 16 weeks, we were able to see the little baby again on the VJ ultrasound, little bright backbone and all!!!  My "cervix" was about 3.7cm on average, which is great for all my surgeries!
On the February 5th (again, slacker) we had another ultrasound at 18 weeks, and this time all you could see was the babies head because it has grown SO BIG!!!  We could see all the little parts of its brain, it was amazing!!!  It also threw its hand up into view a few times.. what a sweet little hand! Cant wait to hold it!!!  My cervix actually measured longer this time, which is great!!! So far, this pregnancy thing has been lovely :) 


  1. Lindsay, its fun reading your progress in pregnancy. Being pregnant and a Mother will be your fav9rite part of life. I'm so happy for you and Matt.

  2. Thanks Diane! We couldn't be more thrilled! :)