Monday, March 31, 2014

A SURPRISE Baby Shower!

The lovely ladies at work threw me a baby shower!
Of which i had no clue i was attending!!!
We were having our quarterly meeting where we review our goals, do some training, figure out any problems we might be having, etc.
Our boss always springs for lunch, and this time the meeting was in Hailey so we ordered lunch from Big Belly Deli.  
When my boss asked if i would go with him to pick up lunch, i thought nothing of it as i am the only person who lives in the Hailey area.  
So we pick up the order and head back to the office.
As we pull up to the building, a few ladies head on out to meet us and asked if we needed help with carrying the lunch in.  We only had two bags, so we didnt need help, but I thought it was sweet of them to ask!
Little did i know they were stalling me so that they could finish decorating the office!!!
When i walked into the hallway before our office door, i noticed the lights were off, but i figured they had turned them off so that we wouldnt be bothered by patients who thought the office might be open for business.
When i walked in, they turned on the lights and all yelled SURPRISE!
They had turned the audiology clinic into a lovely baby shower :)
left to right: Debbie, Vicki, Misty, SuAnn, ME and baby, Amy, Amanda, Nicole.

Misty made yummy YUMMY goodies (if you live in Idaho you should so have her make the goodies for your next event!), including apple pie caramel apples that tasted even better than the ones they sell at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 

we had lunch provided by the boss, and they had presents all around for me.
We played some fun baby shower games including "Guess the melted chocolate bar that now looks like baby poo", "How many baby items can you remember?", and "Drop the quarter into the bottle with a balloon (or baby) under your shirt", the latter being so funny to watch everyone waddle around. 
I was spoiled and received many wonderful items!
Amy made a cloth diaper cake from everyone.

The girls all pitched in and bought me a baby bjorn and a travel bassinet.

I opened clothes, blankets, bath items - so spoiled! :)

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such lovely gals - little baby peaches has so many aunties that love him/her! 
Thanks ladies!!!! (And Gregorio, the bossman)
You are amazing :)

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  1. Lindsay, that is a wonderful thing to do....I'm loving your co-workers