Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do you have any concerns?

They come in all shapes and sizes
Some work with disgusting things like feet - Podiatry 
Some work with amazing things like eyes - Opthalmology
Some work with wonderful things like puppies - Veterinary
And others, work with very awkward things - Gynecology and Urology

Whatever they chose to study, they all seem to ask the same question.
"So do you have any concerns or any questions?"
Its a great thing to ask, considering that you are likely at the doctors office because you either have a concern or a question, or both...
BUT, this polite and seemingly harmless question really stresses me out...

I really  have to remind myself that the MD or PhD that follows their name is NOT because of their psychology degrees!

Although they are indeed asking this question in order to try to help me, they are in no way prepared to answer the questions that come into my head....

Questions like...

Aren't I a little young to be having baby-making issues?

Why is it that people who shouldn't procreate have 5 kids and others who would make amazing parents can't have kids?

If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?

Do you think I'm related to Bill Gates, because there is no way my insurance is going to cover that!?

Is marriage really supposed to take this much work?

If a pig loses his voice, is he disgruntled?

Why do I have all the patience in the world for yuppie old clients at work but none for the ones I really love?

I'll be 27 next month, am I supposed to feel this decrepid so young?

If Matt goes completely bald, will his license still say that he has blonde hair?

Why doesn't someone tell you when your young and stupid that your mistakes will follow you the rest of your life?

When my husband and i both talk to our 5 dogs in the craziest baby-voices, does that have anything to do with us not having babies?

And why do we talk to things that can't answer back?

Why do I have names, nurseries, outfits, strollers, etc all picked out for my children when I'm not even pregnant?

Will I even know how to be a mother when I didn't have my own mother growing up?

Should my husband really produce 3 loads of laundry a week?

Why does ranching cost so much but pay so little?

Is wearing cowboy boots with yoga pants a fashion faux pas?

Is it ok if my husband has to make himself breakfast when he wakes up at 5am and I'm still snoozing?

Have ex-cowboys become deranged?

Does my husband know how much I really love him?

Will my mom ever know how much I miss her?

How can God love us the way he does?

And finally...why are Trix only for kids?!

I could go on forever, but I think you get the point.
No one living this life knows what they are doing. We can all be guided through it, whether it be by parents, friends, The Lord, self help books, etc, but no one knows the answer to every question, the solution to every problem.
We have to jump into life - feet first or head first because who knows what's right - and hope that we made the right choice. We have to have faith that the good Lord knows what's best for us, and that we will find happiness and joy if we only trust in Him.
I may never know the answers to my questions above, and yet I'll be ok.
Matt and I will either have beautiful babies or we will have wild and crazy cowboy lives together... Or maybe BOTH!
I know that my life will be fun and exciting and hard and captivating, that I will experience great joy and that there will also be struggles beyond anything I can imagine...but I know that in the end, I'll be ok. Because i know a God who loves me. Because i have a family who cares for me. Because I am married to the kindest man a woman could ask for... a loving, hard working, handsome cowboy who would do anything for me... Even see a urologist...
And now that he has, I need to stop worrying... I need to stop trying to forge my own path and let God lead me down the one he already paved for me.

I just really wish I could find the MapQuest for it!!!

Everything will be o.k., no butts about it