Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Boxer Dog

For those of you who have a boxer, or who know a boxer, you might agree that boxers are more like humans than their 4 legged friends, or at least mine is!

I have not met a dog with more nicknames...
Beastie Lou
Beastie Loonie
Tumor Dog (boxers get a lot of tumors)
U Dog
Chloe Bird
Bird dog
And the best part is that she responds to them all!! (Or none... Depending on her mood)

Boxers have such personalities!
They are so animated, so loving, so stubborn, the list goes on and on...

Boxers wiggle.
They do not wag their tails... They wag half their bodies!
Chloe, aka "U Dog", wiggles the back half of her when she gets excited... Which is pretty much all the time. She proceeds to wag her body into a U shape, always switching where her head and tail are, but always keeping both in perfect view. Her tail, or nubbin, often does not really wag... It kind of goes in circles or is so excited that it is just pressed to one side of her butt.

Chloe's nub also doubles as a nose for Matts glasses

Boxers snore.
There should definitely be a warning label when picking out one of these puppies.
"Warning- do not be alarmed of the loud bear noises coming from your couch... It's not a grizzly, it's your pooch"
Beastie snores so loud that she kept my sister-in-law up all night when she was visiting and had to share the living room with her.  I've kind of grown accustomed to it I suppose, but last night she was exceptionally loud and kept Matt up for hours....
The night kind of played out something like this...
Chloe would snore louder than a lawn mower, Matt would yell "CHLOE!", silence for the count of 3,2,1..., Chloe would then begin snoring again, slowly building to the 80 decibal level, Matt would make me wake her up as she sleeps on my side of the bed, I'd lean over and pull her ear or whatever I could grab, she would then look at me with her eyes wide open and continue to snore just as loudly...
She can be sitting on the couch just sawing it off....
No wonder I sleep through Matt's 5am singing every morning, I sleep next to her every night...

 This dog can do some hard core sleeping

Must've been a cold day... she is very resourceful to use a pillow for a blanket :)

Boxers drool.
BirdDog even blows bubbles.
At dinner time, she will quietly come over to you and show off her waterworks.
She will start by blowing bubbles, normally one for each jowl.
Then the bubble will pop, which gives way to dribbles.  
Little droplets slowly dripping on the hardwood floor.
Then come the shoelaces.  Her drool will become more viscous and gravity will help her form long, and I mean LONG, strings of drool.
At this point, the best thing to do is wipe her off, or she will find something to wipe with, almost
always your leg... Yumm

and i really liked that shoe... 

Boxers punch.
Hence the name I suppose, but they really do use their front legs more than any other dog.
When a boxer plays with you or with another pup, they box.
And they are strong! Chloe has KOed me a few times...

Boxers are stubborn.
Chloe-Bell has selective hearing.  Heck who am I kidding... She just ignores me, plain and simple!
Especially if its before 7am or of there is any kind of wet or cold weather outside.
The first thing I do every morning is let my dogs outside to go to the bathroom.
Picasso is rippin and ready to go, waggin his tail at the door.
Beastie-Lou on the other hand, is snuggled up and ignoring your presence.
Whether she is still on her dog bed in the bedroom or if she has migrated to the couch sometime in the middle of the night, when you call her to go outside, she will simply look at you.  
Perhaps she will raise an ear in your general direction, but never will she willingly come to the door.
She will normally come by the 4th or 5th time you call her, or of course if drag her to the door.
And if it is raining or snowing outside, no sooner than you shut the door she will be scratching at it to come in. Boxers don't do extreme climates very well - see below.

Beastie-loonie is also stubborn when in comes to tricks.  When she was a young pup this dog could do it all! Sit, stay, down, roll over, play dead, crawl, shake, beg, she could even catch a frisbee!!
Now her talent list includes ...
And it's not because she cannot perform her old tricks but because she refuses to.
Unless you have a treat... Funny how she suddenly remembers it all...

She isnt the biggest fan of Facebook... i think she would like this blog post tho

Boxers own you.
By this I mean that they do not cuddle with you, they LEAN on you, they smothercate you.
When dogs lean on you, it is said by some that they are owning you.
I am officially owned by the beast.  She leans on me every chance she gets... And I let her get away with it because 1. I love her, 2. She is a spoiled Princess, 3. She is a great cuddler and 4. She weighs about as much as I do!

Here is chloe owning Sis... i know that smooshed feeling sis!

Boxers are loyal.
Chloe is my best friend... Tied with my husband and my lab of course :)
Although a bratty girl sometimes, she is always by my side, always with me.
She is the dog that will come lay her head on my lap when I'm crying, or lay by my side when I'm sick in bed.  She will lick the water that escapes the shower door and wait for you to step out so she can dry you off with her tongue.  She is so gentle and patient around babies and little kiddos, but can rough and tumble with my cowboy.  She is such a sweet soul.

On hikes, she is the dog you can always count on to be right at your side

Chloe will be 13 next year... And still going strong.
Although she has a tumor, it is benign and is now just a special part of this crazy little dog.
I'm not sure if I'll ever get another boxer after Chloe, because she is so special to me.
But I'm so happy she is here with me now.
She has totally made me a boxer lover.

Love her!


These pics aren't chloe, but they SCREAM "I'm a boxer!"

This is Layla, my friends adorable pup

One boxer or two?? You decide


Loyal Babysitter - id pay top dollar for sure!!!


  1. Thanks Diane! Do your schnauzers have any crazy antics? :)

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