Friday, August 15, 2014

Bridger - 6 Weeks Old

My sweet little boy, 
What a sweet soul you are. 
This week you have been in California all week. 
You spent a lot of time with your Nonni and papa - they loved seeing you and were so proud to show you off to their friends and coworkers.  
You have also shared many burps, patty-cakes, smiles and a few cries with your Nina. 
She thinks you are just the greatest little guy - you love hanging out with her. 
And it just melts my heart to see you two together.  It is neat to think that she used to bounce me on her knee 27 years ago and now she is doing it to you :)
You met some of your mommas friends this week too - one of them even gave you a little pony, because "every cowboy needs a horse" 
You and I went on a walk around Nina's neighborhood and onto the golf course where your papa Hamlin used to golf.  
Papa Hamlin would have loved you too - he would have told you all about golfing and John Wayne and Nascar and he would have stolen all your good Halloween candy. 
But don't worry, we will tell you lots of stories about him and your grandma Jody and your grandpa Garth. 
And your daddy will make papa Hamlin proud and will eat all your good Halloween candy. 
Your daddy had to go back to work this week and we have missed him dearly. 
It is very hard being 1000 miles away from him - I'm sure you miss him terribly just as he misses you. 
You talk to him on the phone sometimes - other times you cry at him over the phone.  Whether you coo or cry, your daddy loves talking to you. 
We will see him in 5 days - I'm sure he is counting the minutes! 
This week you still love your favorites - nursing, showering, and sleeping.  You also still love cuddling, but you are starting to enjoy time spent laying on your back on your blanket.  There you can stretch out and you even roll from side to side.  It doesn't look like it will be long until you roll all the way to your belly!!
You also enjoy nakey time - diaper free buns out!  
You still don't like diaper changes or outfit changes. 
You have gotten much better at riding in the car- you still don't really enjoy it but you don't fight quite as hard. 
You haven't been sleeping very well at night but you have been an incredible napper during the day - hopefully you'll start sleeping better cause momma is starting to be a bit forgetful with her lack of sleep. 
And what do you know, it's 9:30pm and you look like you might be ready for bed - so off to bed we go :) 
I love you little man :)
You are your momma and daddy's world :) 
Kisses mr Bridger
- momma 

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