Wednesday, April 9, 2014

24 Weeks (okay... 27 weeks!)

6 months along : 24-27 weeks! 
And Im 27 weeks... yes its almost 7 months... almost is the key word.
The 100 day countdown has begun!

Matt has some problems getting my EOS to focus on me and not the door, so we did some practice shots....
I just have problems. Period.

im pretty sure my forearms and my hands are the only things that haven't changed size!

Its amazing how much the baby can grow in just 1 month!

How far along: 27 weeks, 1 day. Apparently my "monthly pictures" have become pics at the END of the month... Which still meets the criteria I suppose... Technically I'm still 6 months along until this Sunday when I'll be 28 weeks and at the beginning of my 7th month.  But holy moly, time is flying! Official countdown till our due date is only 88 days!!! Which means only 68 days till baby is FULL TERM! 68 days is a whole lotta growin' still, so bake you little bun, BAKE!
Weight Gain/Loss: +9lbs more, total gain of 27lbs, totaling 149lbs. I started at 122lbs... So tipping the scale at almost 150lbs is such an odd experience... For one, I can't even see the numbers on the scale because my belly covers them!!!  And secondly... I don't want to!  I know that I'm still very much at a healthy weight considering I'm growing a human inside of me, but wow... Those numbers are not pretty!!!  And to think that I might have to see "160" pop up in the next 2-3 months.... Eeeeek. 
Maternity Clothes: Yes yes yes.  My wardrobe includes : yoga/stretchy pants, maternity pants, dresses made of stretchy knit, maternity shirts, maternity underwear (!!!!) (so comfy btw), and some big ol jammies.... I haven't bought maternity jammies yet, but I did buy medium sleep shirts... And when I held them up they were HUGE compared to my XS of the past... And they fit...what a slap to the face. 
Sleep:  Great!! I wake up about 6 times a night to go potty, but I waddle to the bathroom and waddle right back to bed.  And if I don't step on a rawhide chew or stub my toe on a sleeping dog, I normally fall right back asleep.  And at one of these potty sessions, normally between 2-3am baby needs cookies, so I have 2 Oreos, a swig of milk, and then back to sleep.  :)
Best Moment This Week: I altered a sleep-shirt into a birthing gown!  It's black which is my favorite color to wear, it's knit which is much better than starchy cotton, and it will be cuter than the hospital gowns they provide... It will also keep me from showing the world my tushy as I put snap tape all the way down the back of it.  I also altered some tanks, nightgowns and dresses so that they are nursing friendly!  I had been given a bunch of nursing bras by a few different ladies, most of which were too small for my growing goods.  So I got an idea to make some alterations to some items so that I wouldn't have to splurge and buy those pricey nursing tanks and pajamas!  What do you think?!

Here's the back of the gown, snap tape ALL the way down!
Why dont hospitals do this to theirs? Consider the average person dressed in a hospital gown - no one wants to see their backside...
Snap tape along both shoulders to allow for IV, nursing and skin to skin.
Two tanks that I've have for-ev-ver (think sandlot here...) that I simply cut the strap off the front attachment, then hand sewed in snaps. 
For this nighty, I cut the nursing snaps off an old gifted nursing bra and sewed them onto the straps.  Instant nursing nighty!
This nighty didn't have thin straps so I wasn't sure what to do with it.. I could use rivet snaps, or snap tape, but it's a really silky material and I wasn't sure how it would hold up.  Then I saw the hook and eyes on one of the bras I had been given.  Solution!!!  I think this one is my favorite... Excuse the red thread... You can't see it from the outside so I frankly didn't care to change it :) 
For this dress, I added the nursing snaps and the bra straps to the original straps of this dress.  This dress was a handmedown from a friend and had some good use so the elasticity in the straps was no where to be found, and they weren't adjustable!  So my goodies looked pretty low and pitiful in them.  I figured if I attached the bra straps to the dress straps it would give it more structure and support... And it did! 

Disclaimer: I'm not planning on wearing these outside the house, so I wasn't too worried on what they looked like, just as long as they were functional.  They should hold up pretty well! 

Miss Anything: Still missing being horseback, but would I trade it for this lovely baby inside me? No way.  I also miss restaurants that are back in Cali... I've been craving CPK especially their cilantro lime fettuccini, In & Out, Carls Jr western bacon cheese burger, anything from Panera, Splash Cafe fish tacos with the avocado dressing, Jaffa Cafe chicken shwarmas, anything from Coldstone, the list is pretty much endless. So I guess other than foods, I'm not missing anything much... And I wonder why I've gained 27 pounds!
Movement:  This babe is a ninja.  In the 26th week your amniotic fluid starts decreasing and they say you are supposed to feel more and more - and I can tell you, this baby wants out!  Punching and kicking and stretching... Wowza!  It's only 2lbs and is only 14 inches long, but it's a Kung fu fighter! 
Food Craving:  See the things I miss... I could relist them but then I'll just make myself more hungry!  I am eating my weight in breakfast cereal tho...
Showing:  Yes.  There is no hiding this bun or this oven... 
Gender Prediction:  So far it's a healthy baby :) 
Labor Signs:  When we had our first fertility consultation, our OB said that my realistic goal for my first pregnancy would be to carry to 26 weeks.  We have made it to 26 weeks+!!!  So now that the baby is "viable" they will not be measuring my cervix for changes unless I have contractions or notice fluid.  I am starting to get Braxton hicks, but other than that things are good!  GOD is good!!!  The OB asked me to have my bags packed at 26 weeks, so mommy, daddy and baby all have bags ready to go.  I'm not planning on using them for at least another month or so, but baby will come when baby is ready. (Just stay in there little peaches!!! Only 10 more weeks till your fully cooked!) 
Belly Button: Out-ish.  And I'm so glad I took my belly ring out ASAP because I think it will look relatively normal post pregnancy... I'm pretty sure it has closed up, but as long as it doesn't make me look like I have 3 belly buttons, I'll survive! 
Wedding Ring: On - with plenty of room for swelling fingers, but I hope that doesn't happen!  
Mood:  fabulous!  They say the second trimester is when you feel your best... But I swear the further along I go the better I feel!!!  I'm not as tired anymore as I'm sleeping better, I no longer have those awful ligament pains, I constantly feel our little baby moving and growing, it's fabulous! Baby alternates from breech to head down, so the little buddy does occasionally kick me in the ribs, but it's not a constant pain and I love feeling it kick.  When baby is breech, it stands/kicks on my bladder which is a very interesting feeling... "I gotta pee....nevermind, it's gone.... Oh my goodness move out of my way it's coming!!!....nevermind, false alarm". Then I sneeze and it's all over... Literally.
Weekly Wisdom:  I can't believe that this pregnancy is so far along, that we will get to meet this baby in  less than 3 months!!!  I am trying to enjoy and soak up Every. Single. Minute.  And I feel like I do a pretty good job.  And I'm still in awe that I am going to have a baby, that Matt is going to be a daddy, that God has blessed us with this child!!! 

Side Notes:
I'll officially be in the third trimester on Sunday!!!  
Babies nursery is good to go, it just needs a fresh coat of new paint... Any takers?!
Before i fall asleep, I lay in bed and imagine who this baby will be... Is it a sweet Sonora?  Or is it a baby Bridger?  Will this baby come at night or in the day time?  Will it look like its handsome daddy or will it come out with red hair? I get teary eyed just imagining the day we get to hold this sweet baby.  And it's coming so soon!!!


  1. Sweetness Lindsay! I love your alteration segments...pretty creative darlin'

  2. Thank you! Hopefully they will hold out a while ;)