Friday, August 23, 2013

HEY! Is for horses...

So it's official. 
I've decided to become a blogger. 
Apparently there are 7 main reasons that one begins to blog. 

#1 To Teach: So if the saying is "those you can't do, teach!" is it safe to assume that those you can't teach, blog?? Well the state of California said I had the credentials to teach.... So maybe this blogging thing won't be so bad 

#2 To Direct Traffic to a Website: Well this one is easy... I don't have a website

#3 To Help Others:  This one kind of goes along with teaching... I don't feel like I'm intentionally helping or teaching someone, but if someone finds my recipe for last nights dinner helpful, GREAT!! At least someone other than myself enjoyed it.... (Ahem ... MATT!)

#4 To Change the World:  I'm lucky if I change my bed sheets in a reasonable amount of time, let alone trying to conquer el mundo 

#5 To Make Money:  I didn't even know that blogging was profitable... Maybe I should've started this a LOOOONG time ago 

So far, I'm not thinking numbers 1-5 are giving me a reason for blogging. 

#6 To Have Fun:  I'm not sure that this is it either... I have always been told of the importance of journaling, but did I ever consider it fun? About as fun as fixing fence... 

So it must be número seven...

#7 To Stay Connected: Apparently the Internet was not "invented" by a single man (or woman). But I would like to thank whoever may have created it... As it does allow for friends and family who do not live near one another to stay connected not only through conversations, but through pictures!! Because apparently handwritten letters via the USPS enclosed with photos printed with the word "Kodak" on the back of them was not enough!  Seriously though, the Internet is pretty cool... And I do really enjoy seeing all the pictures of my beautiful friends and their beautiful families.  Not to mention I think I'd be lost without it now that I have a very (and i mean VERY) healthy addiction to pintrest... 

So I suppose I don't know EXACTLY why I feel the desire to blog... But I feel it might be therapeutic in some sense.... And it might help me find out a little bit more about myself along the way.... And you can come along with me if you like :) 

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  1. ain't mucha ritin so reckon you got to be taken 'ter youra
    mama..tank youra lucky star, sweet daughter.
    shor 'nuff think uall did good.. youra lovin'daddy